It’s almost that time – 2023 is right around the corner. A fresh year, a fresh start, and so much room for fresh opportunities!

2022 was an amazing year for us. From our first Intern Challenge back in person since 2019 to making #15 on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List to countless stories from our teammates, Protiviti had a lot going on, and so did our blog! Today, we’re counting down our top five stories of the year to showcase and recap the things that meant the most to YOU, our dear reader.

By The Numbers

First, let’s look at some overall stats. It’s so exciting to see where you’re from and what your time on the blog looks like. In 2022, The Protiviti Career had 28,960 views from a grand total of 19,857 visitors marking this year with our biggest outreach ever! We’re thrilled to have almost 20k friends out there.

Speaking of being “out there”, let’s give a little shoutout to our top ten countries in terms of views. Hello to all our readers in the U.S., India, the U.K., Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, China, Hong Kong SAR China, and Ireland. Waving to all of you from afar! Whether your country made the top ten list or not, thanks for tuning in, wherever you are.

With that, it’s time to count down our top five stories of the year.

In T Minus Five

#5 – Celebrating an Amazing Intern Class as Protiviti’s 2022 Internship Comes to a Close – The Protiviti Career

This article wraps up so many of the stories of our 2022 intern class as we prepared to send them off at the end of their summer internship. We’re so proud of the impact these 324 interns made in their few weeks here. This article is such a great, holistic little snippet of many of the things they touched: The Intern Challenge, Protiviti’s Intern Week of Service, lessons and takeaways from our interns, and even a farewell video from leaders and mentors across the company. Thanks to our 2022 intern class for making this summer one to remember!


Discover Protiviti is a two-day immersive experience where rising college juniors can really learn what it’s like to be a consultant at Protiviti. And it’s a really important first-touch for us to connect with students who will soon enter the workforce. Many of our current teammates across solutions and levels started with us in Discover! This article not only reminded students to apply, but it also showcased stories from past participants about how Discover helped to kick off their career.

#3 – The Sabbatical Series: Living in the Moment – The Protiviti Career

This article was only published a few weeks ago, but wow has it made an impact! Rising to the third spot on this list is a piece from our Sabbatical Series, which focuses on Protiviti’s incredible sabbatical benefit that allows for our teammates to take extended time away from work to pursue their passions, whatever they may be. This installment focused on Amanda, who used her sabbatical to focus on so many exciting life changes. A true testament to Protiviti’s work life balance and commitment to wellbeing. At Protiviti, we want all of you! Bring your full self to work. We’re here to support.

#2 – We ♥ Protiviti – The Protiviti Career

Valentine’s Day provided us with the perfect excuse to list so many reasons why We ♥ Protiviti! This fun holiday article compiles quotes and stories from people across the business to highlight what they love about working here. There’s nothing like spreading a little love.

#1 – Discover Protiviti 2022: Apply Today! – The Protiviti Career

You already learned in our #4 spot about Discover. It’s clear this is a huge deal for us, so it’s no surprise that Discover content made it on this list twice! This article announced our 9th annual Discover Protiviti Summer Leadership Conference and included video testimonials from previous Discover attendees turned Protiviti consultants. Applications are a hot commodity, so you can imagine why this link was hit over and over again – and we’re so glad it was! We had an amazing Discover this year and are so looking forward to see where these early Protiviti learners end up and how they’ll lead our company in the future.

See You In 2023

Whether you popped in once or you’re a subscriber to this blog (find the sign up in the right hand column), thanks for helping share our Protiviti stories. Whether you’re already on our team or you want to be, we’re so happy you’re here. None of this would be possible without our incredible people who truly make Protiviti a great place to work.

Is there anything you’d like to see more of in 2023? Sound off in the comments! We’d love to know what you want to know.

Cheers to the New Year – we can’t wait to see what new heights we reach!

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