Hear from past participants about how Discover kicked off their careers.

Putting together goody bags for children at a Ronald McDonald House sparked something in Brandon.

​Brandon was a 2019 enrollee of Discover P​rotiviti, a two-day early identification program in North America, which gives sophomores in college first-hand experience of what a career in consulting can look like. “It was my first time learning about the incredible work that’s done through Ronald McDonald House Charities,” Brandon said. “But it also showed that Protiviti was about action when it came to giving back to the community and those in need.”

This inspired Brandon to consider a career at Protiviti. As part of the Discover Protiviti experience, Brandon interviewed for an internship at Protiviti for the following summer. He was offered the internship, which he accepted. After the internship, he received an offer for a full-time position, and without hesitation, Brandon chose to come back to further his career with Protiviti – he is now one of our valued consultants.​​

Getting the Right Experience

Another consultant of ours, Ryan, also participated in Discover Protiviti.

“It was hard to find internships and to get relevant professional experience. So, it is often

difficult to understand what different career options you have,” Ryan said. ​​“Discover Protiviti was appealing in the sense that it allowed me to gain a leg up on my peers through more professional knowledge and experience. I was nervous walking into the office at first, but once I got settled in and started talking to some of the other participants, I realized there was nothing to be nervous about. I met many of the people working for Protiviti in the office, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming to all of us.”

Ryan recalls Discover Protiviti’s various speakers who talked about their diverse roles, and his cohort participated in team building exercises.

Like Brandon, through his interview at Discover Protiviti, Ryan secured an internship and later accepted a full-time offer. He’s been with the firm for seven months now.

“Going through the progression of Discover Protiviti to the internship to a full-time role, I feel as if I have learned a lot through the process and have set myself up for a successful career ahead. There are key things I enjoy about working at Protiviti: the people, the work-life balance, and the ability to learn. On each project, my coworkers have always been helpful and supportive. Interacting with them makes the work more enjoyable,” says Ryan.

Ryan is also impressed with the pace of work here. “Protiviti also prioritizes work-life balance, so I never feel like I am pressured to put in long hours on projects. I enjoy this aspect, as it creates a balanced schedule between my work life and my personal life.”

Ryan has also appreciated the mix of work he’s been doing. “I have been on a couple different projects so far, and on each one I have had the opportunity to learn new skills and grow my existing ones. Whether that is new technology or just improving my communication and teamwork skills, I feel like I am able to progress.”

More From Our Consultants…

“After Discover Protiviti, I went on to intern at Protiviti in the summer of 2019 and started full-time in September of 2020. I am now a consultant in the IAFA practice and have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. I am currently a resident of the New York iNN where I have had the opportunity to practice Design Thinking, conduct internal research, and expand my knowledge on user experience design and agile project management.” –​Emma, Consultant

“After attending Discover Protiviti in June 2019, I was part of the virtual internship in the summer of 2020 and accepted a full-time offer with the New York office…Since then, I have worked on a Risk & Compliance project and am now starting on a new project in the Technology Strategy & Operations segment.” –Elina, ​​Consultant

Learn More…

The ninth Discover Protiviti will be held on May 20, 2022, on a virtual platform, and secondary local options will be confirmed as the date approaches. The deadline for applications is March 31. Read about Discover Pr​otiviti and get the link for applications to share with friends who might be interested or listen in here to learn more from other participants who have used Discover to set their career off with success.

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