For the last eight weeks, we have been fortunate to have had 324 of the best and the brightest young minds join us for the 2022 Protiviti Internship. Intern season is a favorite at Protiviti and for the months leading up to their arrival we planned and waited with such anticipation…and it was absolutely worth the wait! From ideating in design thinking, to discovering new paths in career journeys and finding innovative solutions in client work, we are so impressed by all that this intern class has accomplished. It has been such an inspiration to watch these go-getters bloom and grow.

Check out our 2022 Intern Farewell video!

The Interns’ Journey

Business Performance Improvement Intern Nilah shares her TIC experience.

After two years of uncertainty, this year saw the return of our in-person events. Kicking the summer off together with interns from across the U.S. joining us for Liftoff to Protiviti and The Intern Challenge (TIC) in Austin, Texas, brought so much energy that carried throughout the rest of the internship. What a treat it was to have so many of our people together in one place!

You can read more about how we prepared for Liftoff here and get a full look into TIC here!

As TIC concluded, the interns returned to their local offices in a hybrid capacity, eager to learn more and bring their unique ideas to our clients. The first few weeks were a flurry of introductions to new team members, as well as their advisors. Full office, full hearts!

You can read more about how the interns’ first weeks went and all the amazing things they learned here!

Hear some client insights from IAFA Intern, Caroline.

From there, our interns continued their client work, solving problems and helping us further our mission of delivering confidence in a dynamic world.

We’re so proud of the way the #ProtivitiIntern class jumped into the hybrid work space to provide solutions. One look at this video shows the vast knowledge, understanding, and willingness to learn every single day.

On top of delivering to our clients, these interns also plunged headfirst into our values and our Commitment to our Communities. Explore the ways they took time away from the office to give back during Protiviti’s Intern Week of Service.

Nico’s enthusiasm is contagious. We feel the same way about you all, too!

Now, in our final days of the 2022 internship, we want to say thank you to this class for your dedication, your curiosity, and eagerness to take on challenges. Protiviti is so honored to be a part of your journey. Cheers to another incredible intern class – we can’t wait to see where you go from here!

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