Get Ready for Liftoff

It’s with immense excitement that we welcome the 2022 intern class to Protiviti! After being in a virtual space for the past two intern seasons, we could not be happier to gain the opportunity to learn, grow and be #LivingProtiviti together over the next 8 weeks!

On Friday, June 10th, 324 interns will open their Protiviti laptops and take the first step of their journey. Two days later, they’ll pack up those same laptops and travel from all over the U.S. to beautiful Austin, Texas for Liftoff with Protiviti and The Intern Challenge, a 4-day in-person introduction to Protiviti.

During The Intern Challenge (TIC), interns will get the chance to practice valuable problem-solving skills, learn about real world business application through a client-simulated project, and truly experience the ways they can (and will!) make an impact here at Protiviti. Through hands-on learning, collaborating in teams, networking with Protiviti Executives and their peers, the #ProtivitiIntern class will get a first look in to what we mean when we say “live something different”.

“I have had the honor to be part of The Intern Challenge since 2010 and cherish the connections I make with our up-and-coming leaders that facilitate, while being energized and excited by all of our future leaders serving on their internship.

Tyler, Protiviti Global Energy and Utilities Industry Leader and Managing Director

Building Confidence and Enhancing Learning

Throughout the remainder of the internship, which runs until early August, interns will build confidence and enhance their skill set through diverse opportunities. Interns will be staffed on Protiviti clients and work in teams with individuals at all career levels, both in-person and remotely, in alignment with our hybrid work model. Throughout their client work, interns will be empowered to bring forth new ideas and innovate — and we have no doubts about their ability to impress!

In addition to hands-on learning through project work, the #ProtivitiIntern class will be trained in Design Thinking, which is an important aspect of our strategic driver to Embed Innovation in Service delivery. Building an innovation mindset elevates the work we do and enhances our own experiences. Interns will complete the Design Thinking Learning Lab (DTLL) this summer, which is a one-day, 8-hour live virtual learning program that introduces fundamental design thinking concepts, the LUMA system, methods and recipes, and provides a chance for participants to practice design thinking techniques along with their fellow interns. Interns will also get a chance to hear from Practice personnel at all levels who will guide the interns through design thinking activities as well as share their own experiences about how they have applied design thinking with their clients and teams.

Our most recent in-person TIC Class of 2019 in Orlando, FL. We can’t wait to have everyone back together!

New in 2022, interns will attend solution-specific trainings where each intern will hear from their solution leader, engage in learnings that enhance skills needed for that particular solution, and have the opportunity to engage in open Q&A. As interns develop said skills, they will continue to be supported by our Advisor Program which nurtures the growth of our people through a three-tiered system including a peer, career and executive advisor. Throughout the summer, advisors, who represent diverse levels of career experience, will meet with interns to provide feedback and support. In addition, project managers will also articulate real-time feedback through Protiviti’s performance feedback platform.

“Through our internship program, we hope to not only provide our interns a glimpse into the Protiviti experience but also learn from them what they need to foster a positive work experience – this is necessary to support our continued success.” 

Domonique, Protiviti Director on the importance of our internship

Making Memories, Together

As we come back together, we look forward to creating so many memories along the way. From local office outings including baseball games, Top Golf, dinners and more — to supporting our Commitment to our Communities through the Intern Week of Service, we look forward to the summer ahead. We can’t wait to see how the bright minds and fascinating backgrounds of our interns culminate this summer to bring new solutions and creative ideas to the business – but we’re even more excited to create memories, together!

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