Over the last month, the country has been celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Protiviti has, too! From September 15 to October 15, this month has been dedicated to celebrating and highlighting Latin/Hispanic Americans and the impact they have made on our nation throughout history.

While Protiviti hosted many events and discussions throughout the month for our employees, today, we wanted to provide those same employees a platform to share their unique experiences and stories about what this month and their culture means to them.

Historias Protiviti

“I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and I’m part Colombian and part Middle Eastern. Protiviti makes every effort to ensure everyone feels valued, heard, and seen. They celebrate our differences and bring an innovative diversified point of view together to deliver the best value for our clients and our company.” – Sofia

“I was born and raised in Panama City and moved to the US to attend graduate school. I have always felt welcome at Protiviti. Our leaders encourage us to learn from each other’s unique life stories and experiences. I particularly enjoy when we share in our monthly meetings “My Story”, as it opens the door to meaningful conversations”– Patricia

“I was born and raised in a small town in the state of Durango, Mexico. My parents are proud “agricultores” (farmers) of corn and beans. The entire family helped out in the fields and this still a very fond memory of my childhood. While it was hard work, it also created strong family bonds and taught us that hard work pays off. At age 15, we left Mexico to pursue a life in the United States. We were in search of the American Dream.

20 years later, I am married to my Colombian Husband who is also very proud of his culture and background. We both share our love and pride for our Hispanic heritage. Although we are both Hispanic and share the same language, there are vast differences. This is the fun part; we get to share our very own culture with each other and make it interesting. We love to cook Colombian arepas, add my Mexican salsa to them, and drink a nice a cup of Colombian tinto (black coffee)! We have learnt to love each other’s countries and culture.
I am proud of who I have become. I am proud to be now Mexican – American.

Protiviti encourages me to be authentic and to bring my whole self to work. It empowers me to share my experiences, thoughts and provides a place for me to be able to share my heritage and culture.” – Miriam

“I am of Cuban descent, both of my parents are from Cuba and I have a lot of extended family in Cuba. While I was born and raised in the US, Cuban culture has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a predominantly Spanish speaking household, surrounded by lots of family and friends. Anytime we would celebrate an event we would always enjoy dances like salsa or bachata and a lot of different foods like pastelitos, pork, and more. When I turned 15, I celebrated with all my family and friends with a Quinceañera. Similarly, we celebrate all big achievements in groups and I was proud to represent my heritage as a first generation college graduate.

Protiviti provides an inclusive work environment with all the Employee Network Groups. through these groups, I have been able to share my experiences and thoughts through several discussions and create bonds with coworkers from all over the world.”– Jenny 

“My family and I are originally from Mexico City, but I’ve grown up in North Texas since the age of 5. Spanish is my first language and I tend to speak it when I’m with family. It is one of my favorite ways to stay connected with my loved ones and my roots. I love participating in Mexican holidays, such as el Dia de los Muertos. To me, it’s a beautiful way to honor and remember my family, friends, and pets who have passed. Like many cultures, food has a major role in my culture and community. Not only am I able to enjoy delicious dishes such as tacos, fajitas, tamales, and more, but cooking and preparing food is one of the many ways I spend time with my family.

Protiviti has helped me share my culture and story. We are able to educate others about the significance of holidays/events that mean so much to us. Through various mentorship programs, I am empowered to develop my career by individuals of different and similar cultural backgrounds. Protiviti has also helped me stay connected to my community by giving back to local Latino/Hispanic charities and student organizations.” – Brenda

“Our office provides an inclusive, diverse, collaborative, family-friendly environment, and empowers each of us to bring our unique perspectives. Protiviti creates high-performance teams with various backgrounds, like mine, to deliver and contribute to our company and clients.

I am from Argentina and 11 years ago decided to pursue the American dream. My toddler and I left our home, family, and friends and started this new adventure in Kansas City. After so many years our love for soccer, Asado, pasta, and Argentinian food remains intact.”– Lorena

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