Military personnel at Protiviti bring incredible experiences and distinct value to our team and to our clients. On this Veterans Day, November 11, we’re honored to announce several new benefits Protiviti will begin offering our U.S.-based military employees.

“It is my privilege to call many active and retired military personnel my colleagues. In recognition of the contributions to our country and our company I’m honored to announce several new benefits that will be available to these employees in January thanks to the counsel of our Veterans ENG.”

Susan Haseley, Executive Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

New and Improved Benefits

Based on the counsel of our Veterans Employee Network Group, we are pleased to introduce two new and improved benefits for Protiviti U.S.-based military employees, effective in 2023:

  • We are increasing paid time off for military personnel attending annual training to 20 days.
  • Employees called to active, long-term duty are eligible for up to six months of pay differential to better support them and their family “These enhanced benefits are designed to provide even greater support for our teammates and their loved ones who’ve given so much of themselves for our country,” Susan said.

Recognizing Some of Protiviti’s Veterans

Veteran Melanie, Protiviti People Advisory Services Manager, who served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps for nine years, focused on administration and human resources for military units within the Air Wing, Infantry, Artillery, and a Marine Expeditionary Unit. During her service, she was deployed to Kuwait and with the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment to Romania.

“At the Protiviti Veterans Day Panel, I plan on talking about what it’s like to be a veteran, the transition from military service, some of the challenges we face, and, mostly importantly, how much value veterans can bring to a team, especially when they feel accepted and their experience is respected,” she said.

All the soft skills she learned in the military will be helpful for the rest of her life, she added.

“You immediately get thrown into levels of responsibility at age 23 that almost no one your age could fathom, and you’re always under-resourced. You have hundreds of other competing priorities with no opportunity for failure at least nothing beyond minor failures. It forces you to learn and grow because that’s how you survive and how you meet the mission.”

Kevin, Technology Consulting Manager and Navy Officer Veteran, served in the United States Navy as a Surface and Electronic Warfare Officer, Safety Officer and Communications and Security Officer. He served in the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea and he supported domestic missions, including Hurricane Irma response. As part of his military career, Kevin studied Reactor Dynamics and Nuclear Theory, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Thermodynamics.

Like Melanie, Kevin says his military experiences set him up to become a proactive business leader.

“I’d consider one of the most beneficial experiences from the military is being immediately thrown into a position of responsibility and authority and expected to have every answer,” Kevin said. “Being in that position requires an individual to move at a fast pace and quickly learn how to identify critical information, evaluate the risks, and make an informed decision. Complementary to that, knowing the expected results helps enable military personnel to accelerate networking skills and identify the subject matter experts, which is a business practice that is quite difficult to teach. Additionally, it positively forces one to become proactive over reactive, a desired trait of many business leaders.”​

Veterans Employee Networking Group

Protiviti has a Veterans ENG dedicated to our people who have served our country – a place at work where they can connect with one another to network, share experiences, and grow together. The mission of the Veterans ENG is to have a positive impact on the careers of employees with prior and ongoing military service.

To our Veteran’s at Protiviti and beyond, we thank you for your service. Happy Veterans Day!

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