For the third consecutive year in a row, Protiviti has been named to Seramount’s “Best Companies for Dads” list. The 100 winning companies on this year’s list were recognized for their supportive family cultures and inclusive benefits. Protiviti answered over 40 questions related to leave policies, benefits, childcare, employee resource groups, and the availability and usage of these programs, to be considered for the list. It’s an honor to be recognized for our work and commitment in so many categories!

 Protiviti offers a range of programs for its working dads, including a flexible paid gender-neutral parental leave, adoption assistance, an employee networking group for parents, and a back-up dependent care program. In addition, the company offers an extensive Employee Assistance Program to all its employees and a supportive work environment that encourages and empowers them to make the best choices for their professional and personal needs and the needs of the business.

Eduardo shares his experience as a working parent at Protiviti.

“Our working parents are a tremendously important part of our employee team, and our programs and policies are designed very much with their needs in mind,” said Protiviti Senior Director of Total Rewards Jennifer Tomer. “During the pandemic, we were able to expand our programs to include additional childcare and education support as well as programs centered around the physical and mental well-being of our working parents and their families. Our new hybrid work environment will continue to offer a strong level of support to our working parents.”

“The 2022 Best Companies for Dads provide supportive, family-friendly workplace cultures where parents can thrive,” said Subha V. Barry, president of Seramount. “We are proud of the programs and policies our Best Companies have implemented. Employees continue to speak out about their needs, from bereavement leave after a family suffers a miscarriage and reimbursable emergency childcare to more time to bond with new babies, which fathers are actually taking, and these organizations are delivering.” Company profiles and data for the 2022 list come from submitted applications and reflect 2021 data.

Working Parents of the Year

Best Companies for Dads honorees will be celebrated during Seramount’s WorkBeyond Summit in October. During the awards ceremony, Protiviti Managing Directors and dads Martin Nash and Steven Stachowicz will be recognized as Protiviti’s ‘Working Parents of the Year.’ We asked them about their experiences as working parents.

Martin and family

Martin shares his story: “One of the first things I learned when I became a parent was that parenting is a full-time job, not a part-time position. I very quickly discovered that my new job stretched well beyond office hours and extended far outside the walls of my home. Especially in today’s flexible working environment, the phrase ‘finding balance between home and work’ has acquired new meaning. While this can still be challenging, I have adjusted my approach to focus on progress over perfection, and I continue to find new ways to strike a good balance between being a reliable father and meeting the expectations of my team and clients as a practice leader at Protiviti. 

“I feel incredibly lucky to work for a company that allows me to manage my own schedule and provides a genuinely supportive and understanding environment for parents, both at home and in the office.”

Steven and family

Here’s what Steven had to say: “Before I became a parent, I had read countless articles about, attended webinars on, and listened to colleagues talk about achieving a balance between a successful professional career and a fulfilling personal life. I’ll admit, I’ve never understood this concept of ‘balance.’ ​Yes, I understood the virtues of actively managing both aspects of my life. I found, though, that the list of things to accomplish in my personal life often seemed to outweigh the available hours at the end of a standard workday – and a standard workday was itself often hard to come by. A weekend or a ‘day off’ vanished into the vast sea of 2 a.m. feedings, bottle cleanings, laundry, playing, soothing and (yes, occasionally) sleeping.

“I’m still learning how to be a good parent who is present for my twins and also a professional who contributes meaningfully to my team. I know it means asking for patience when I’m coming up to speed, and for grace when I’m running behind or making mistakes. It means prioritizing and establishing boundaries. It sometimes means over-communicating, and it always means having the wisdom and humility to ask for support when I need it.

“Above all, it means recognizing that people around me are facing similar challenges and offering them the same understanding and empathetic environment that I’ve been lucky to experience as a working parent at Protiviti. I’m grateful for the grace that is afforded to me every day in navigating the ‘un-balance’.”

We’re so proud of our Protiviti dads and are honored to support them as they navigate their careers and lives.

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