As a professional journey begins, shifts, or changes, there can often be a sense of feeling uncertain, perhaps even overwhelmed. Questions like: Where do I begin? How do I drive my career while considering my passions? What are the core things that I want for myself and how do I connect those through work?

Sometimes, all you really need is inspiration – a push, or something that really jumpstarts the path you soon will take. For Grace, that came during The Consulting Challenge, a Protiviti learning program that provides engaging project simulations designed to bridge the divide between theory and practice. Through the experience, participants have opportunities to network and engage with leadership through both one-on-one coaching, as well as group work. It was during one of these coaching moments that Grace recalls a member of the leadership team urging the young consultant to just “say yes” to opportunities and projects that come your way.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the story of Grace, a Director in our Technology Consulting solution, a lead in our GET IT Employee Network Group, and a Protiviti culture champion to boot. She has a lot of experience in this area.

“Early in my career, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do long-term,” shares Grace. “So instead of trying to get on specific types of projects, I decided to heed that advice and just say yes to whatever project was put on my calendar.”

This new outlook on her work-life gave Grace the freedom she needed to learn. Without the stress of needing to become an expert in something right away or the feeling of being pigeonholed into one path, she focused on every project as a learning opportunity and a potential path. “As I started each new project, I thought about what I wanted to learn – if I didn’t know the subject matter, it meant I could go in with an open mind and the opportunity to ask questions. If I did know the subject matter and I was comfortable with it, it meant I could spend time pushing myself to learn new skills, like taking ownership of some deliverables or trying to lead the meeting.” That open-mindedness and eagerness to learn made Grace a valuable player with both her clients and her teams. Being open to challenges and tackling them head-on made teams want to keep Grace around longer or bring her on to other, new projects. “Since I was being open-minded, every new project was an exciting opportunity for me.”

With that kind of gumption, it was only a matter of time before Grace found her chosen career path. Although she explored several different solutions, she ultimately landed in the Technology Consulting (TC) group, a choice she felt confident in making due to her experience and exploration across the firm. Eight years later, it seems the proof is in the pudding as Grace is now a Director in our TC solution. “Even during my time in TC, I’ve had projects in audit, security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, project management, and lots of unique opportunities to bring in other solutions at my clients,” shares Grace. “That wide variety of experience has been critically helpful as I started spending more time as an industry focused person.”

Grace plays a major role in our TC division helping to grow our Technology, Media, and Telecommunications industry and the relationships that come with that. “It’s been a valuable opportunity and has helped me expand my relationship with new tech clients, in addition to helping continue growing our relevance at our current tech clients.”

Clients aren’t the only people Grace is focused on connecting with, though. “Like so many others will say, my favorite thing about working at Protiviti is the people,” Grace states. She is so grateful for her team and the leaders she gets to work with, some of whom she calls her closest friends. “It makes for a fun and collaborative atmosphere!”

Those relationships inside the workplace led to another opportunity for Grace, and another chance for her to say “Yes!”

Grace is the global lead of our Employee Network Group, GET IT, which focuses on Gender Equity in Technology and IT. In this role, Grace gets to work with leaders across the world to focus on how we can improve the experience of working in technology related fields for people of all gender identities and seek ways to create more equity in those spaces. When asked about her time with GET IT, Grace replied, “I’m inspired every day by the passion and the drive of our people, from so many different identities and backgrounds, to constantly do more and try to make the world a little bit better for the people around them.”

Outside of GET IT, Grace has also had many opportunities to meet leaders and other passionate people around the world, from Protiviti teammates to clients to her community. Through many opportunities to say yes, Grace has opened up her network and broadened her horizons to partner with minds across the globe to make the technology field a more equitable place. “It’s a very fulfilling feeling to know that there are so many others out there who are passionate about this space, and that they want to work together to share ideas and make real change,” she says. Regularly, the positions she’s put herself in have opened may doors to meet new people and have transparent discussions with leaders at our clients about what we’re doing, what they’re doing, and how we can achieve our strategic goals together.

Just another chance to say yes!

All in all, good things come from taking opportunities and opening yourself up to new experiences. It just might lead you down a long and successful path!

When Grace needed to transfer offices not once, but twice, she said “Yes!”

When asked to be a facilitator and mentor at The Intern Challenge, Grace said “Yes!”

Even when we asked her to share her story on this blog to connect with our readers, Grace said “Yes!”, leading with openness, vulnerability, and a love for opportunity.

 “If I trace back my career from where I am now, I know that this open-mindedness created a direct path to where I am now,” says Grace. “It led to my first loan-staff project at a client that was pretty small at the time, and it’s what made me say “yes!” when they asked me to extend. And then extend again. And then again to help them manage that project. And then to help with another project. And then another, and another, and… now I’ve been working with that same client for almost 8 years! I’ve seen friends and clients move into new roles at the same company and move to new companies, and have been able to join them on their career journeys, just like they’ve been a huge part of my own.”

We’re so lucky to have people like Grace at Protiviti. People unafraid of a challenge. People open to new chances and willing to guide others through new doors. People who will put in the time, the effort, and the love to make this a great place to work and create solutions for our clients.

To learn more about Grace’s career, check out this story from 2019 when Grace was named to the National Association of Female Executive (NAFE) Women of Excellence list in the “Rising Stars” category. It’s an exciting look into her career as she so deservedly was honored with this award. And you might just learn more about where she got the advice to “just say yes”. 

Thank you, Grace, for sharing your story.

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