“It almost brings me to tears. A huge part of receiving this acknowledgement is gratitude. I’m truly honored that Susan [Protiviti Executive Team Member, Susan Haseley] thought to nominate me,” says Grace, a Senior Manager in Protiviti’s Technology Consulting practice.

The acknowledgment she’s referencing? Being named to the National Association of Female Executive (NAFE) Women of Excellence list in the “Rising Stars” category! This award recognizes young women who demonstrate strong leadership potential and who are committed to the success of other women/girls – and that’s exactly what Grace represents.  But she’s quick to turn the spotlight back around on the Protiviti team: “The fact that our leadership feels this way and gets involved is touching,” Grace shares. “It’s a very important message to our people. I worked hard, and am proud of this recognition, but it also shows how management here at Protiviti is working to help women make their way up the ladder.”

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Grace (center) on a trip to Thailand

A networker at heart, Grace has worked hard to advocate for gender equality in technology, a chief passion for her, and a prime example of how she commits to the success of other women. She founded Protiviti’s Employee Network Group (ENG), GET IT, which stands for the initiative to achieve Gender Equality in Technology & IT, focuses on increasing awareness about the challenges faced by women working in technology practices and the technology industry. This ENG feeds Grace’s passion for drawing more women to the field. “I am a woman, and I work primarily in the tech industry and with tech-focused clients. I see the need for more and more women to get in the door, and also to get men involved in the conversation.”

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Grace and her husband hiking Joshua Tree

Awards programs such as Women in Excellence offer an opportunity to spotlight the skills and talents of members who excel and inspire, like Grace, and bring those features into the spotlight with a goal of helping others. When asked what her advice for young women who are beginning their careers would be, Grace, who was a Protiviti intern and campus hire from the University of Minnesota stated, “On one of my first days of The Consultant Challenge, Scott Redfearn (Protiviti Executive Team Member) gave a talk about ‘just saying yes’. His message was basically to greet every project with an open mind, embrace the challenge, and push yourself to make it a learning experience…and that stuck with me.”

As she continues on her journey, Grace’s focus is on continuing to develop her own career while paying it forward to those she’s helped to recruit. “Consulting is about being open to challenges and learning something new. And along the way, so many people have worked hard to help me,” says Grace, “So I’m working hard to help the women coming up under me.”

Grace at the Dreamforce conference

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