Here at Protiviti, we celebrate and celebrate often. We’ve recently been celebrating when individuals realize their best career-next-step is with Protiviti! When something occurs frequently, we feel inclined to follow the trend. And once we start tracking a phenomenon, we have to give it a name! This is how the term Protiviti Boomerang was born.

A Boomerang is someone who leaves the company for a variety of reasons but ends up coming back to us. This is a nod to the amazing culture we have, the wonderful people who work here, and the incredible work we do.

Hear some stories from our Protiviti Boomerangs below!

We asked Ng at Protiviti “What advice would you give someone who is thinking of returning to Protiviti?”
We asked Kaitlin at Protiviti “What did you miss most about Protiviti while you were gone?”
We asked Michelle at Protiviti “What was the biggest reason you returned?”
We asked Brendan at Protiviti “What did you miss most about Protiviti while you were gone?”

Whether you’re new to the company, you’ve returned to us, or you’ve left and curious if your next step is to connect back with us, we’re happy to have all of you as a part of the Protiviti family!

Visit our Protiviti Careers page to find your place.

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#MyProtivitiStory: We believe the best way to understand the core of who we are as an organization is through our people. These short videos are a reflection of our people’s stories and experiences.

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