In the U.S., it’s Administrative Professionals Day. As we honor the work that our colleagues do to keep Protiviti running efficiently and successfully, we’re sharing a glimpse into the work life of some of our people. As we begin thinking about our 20th anniversary, we wanted to talk to Teresa, office manager of the St. Louis office. She offers what a typical day is like in her work, 20 years after she started as a founding member of Protiviti.

Here from the Start…

Teresa is a go-getter.

“I’m an early morning person,” she says.

Up and at her computer at 6 a.m., she takes on tasks in progress and gets the day in motion.  She weekly distributes information to our management team, so that they can run the business effectively.

As she approaches 8 and 9 a.m., she catches up on calls, transcribes minutes from various meetings and connects with those she supports, including many Directors across the business.

“Those are my assigned people, but I take care of everyone in my office,” Teresa says. “My goal is to make the lives of everyone I work with as easy as possible.”

A typical day can include one-on-one meetings with new hires, making sure they are settling in well and have everything they need. She ensures equipment, furniture and technology are up to date, office designs are in order, and she supports meetings with clients and celebrations. Teresa is always there for requests and to see things through, day and night.

Looking back at 20 years, Teresa says, “It’s been the best experience, ever. There have been many memorable experiences. Twenty years ago, she worked alongside fellow founding members to bring the St. Louis office of 10-11 people out of leased training rooms into more permanent offices, which consist of about 90 people today. I was very nervous at first,” she says.

Previously, she worked with another start-up, which shut down after six months of its launch. Protiviti moved offices several times before getting settled into its current space. But now that she’s been with Protiviti for 20 years, she says, “it’s just home; I love the culture our office and cherish the friendships I’ve made throughout firm.”

Her role expanded as the office population did, and she says she’s enjoyed being entrusted to do her job well without being micromanaged. Although the Pandemic has kept Teresa and most of her colleagues working from home most days, her connection with her colleagues remains very strong.

Just as she has supported her colleagues, she says she has received support when she needed it most. On a personal level, Teresa shared that her colleagues were especially supportive when her parents became ill and passed away. “The flexibility and the sense of family that people have for each other- it’s very meaningful to me. I’m very happy to be part of the Protiviti family.”

Meet Some of Our Admin Professionals

Office Manager
Kansas City
8 years at Protiviti

I support the KC team, as well as two Managing Directors in Chicago.  I enjoy working with all my awesome teammates and being a part of a fabulous and fun office culture. 

My love and respect for life inspires me to give my best effort.  When I have done my best then I feel a soothing sense of accomplishment.  Knowing that I am making a difference in a positive way inspires me. 

The love and support I have felt from my team with my personal struggle of caring for my husband these past few months has been remarkable.  I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such caring people.

​“I can’t think of a better role model than Claudia,” says Chris, a Managing Director in our Kansas City office. “She deeply embodies our core values of integrity, inclusion, and innovation, and is the heart and soul our Protiviti Family in Kansas City. Claudia is an incredibly committed and impactful leader in our office.  We love you, Claudia!”​​

Executive Assistant
1 year at Protiviti

I am the Executive Assistant for a large group of people in my area. I love being part of this team and working on many projects each day.

I love how every day is different. I use my creative skills and knowledge to better support our people and enjoy learning new things along the way. I like contributing to our office culture. I have the trust in people to get the job done and make deadlines. It is great to work with such a great team.

I am proud to work for a great company. I love the people. They make it more enjoyable and fun to come to work every day.

Jeff, Managing Director from New York, feels that Katie is a critical member of his team. “She’s got a wealth of experience in Executive Support, and she is always keen to find new ways to make my work easier and more productive. Katie supports several other people, but you would never know it. She always makes me feel like I am her top priority (and I’m sure all the others feel the same way!) When the State Street team meets in Boston, Katie’s usually right there with us making sure it all goes smoothly.”

Jeff also notes that “Katie and I joined Protiviti last year, and we found ourselves learning about Protiviti and the same time. Katie was much quicker than me at discovering how to operate at Protiviti. For example, one of my on-boarding activities was to meet with 60 fellow Managing Directors in the New York office. I asked Katie to coordinate these meetings (thinking getting all these calendars aligned will never happen…) The next week she had them all set up – amazing! Katie is my go-to person when I need help figuring out how to find something or someone.”

Executive Assistant
Dallas, TX/West Region
3 years, 8 months at Protiviti

I support several people in the Dallas office along with our local HR team. I really enjoy working with our local and Global HR team members and am still learning new things every week.

​Our people and our culture inspire me most at Protiviti. It’s such a joy to work with incredible team members who are always willing to teach me new things!

“Megan came to Protiviti as an employee referral about 4 years ago and quickly adapted to Protiviti’s culture. She is a natural at building relationships with all our people,” said Scott, Vice President of Human Resources. “She is a positive person who sees ways of helping others and jumps right in. Her willingness and ability to tackle problems has endeared her to many colleagues.  Her sense of humor and optimism lift my spirits in every encounter. She is critical to my success and my enjoyment of the work I do. Thanks, Meg!”​​

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