The official Earth Day call to action is to change it all – the business climate, the political climate, and how we take action on climate to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods. Protiviti is committed to being a part of that change. At Protiviti, we agree with the Earth Day initiative to “act boldly, innovate broadly, and implement equitably.” Change requires all of us to participate, and Protiviti is a part of that, today and every day.

Enter Protiviti’s Green Team. This task force strives to ensure we as a firm reduce our environmental impact, adhering to, and whenever possible innovating upon, industry best practices. Their vision at Protiviti is to drive positive environmental change through the actions of our firm, our people, and our work.

In conjunction with Earth Day, this month, Protiviti’s Green Team is taking action to invest in our planet. While they already have numerous events underway to inspire change, and they’ve kicked it up a notch for Earth week!

Larissa, a consultant in our New York office and our Earth Week lead, is in the center of it all.

 “It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to connect with peers who share the same passion for sustainability. Together, we are working towards a common goal of making a positive impact on our planet,” Larissa says. “I hope to bring more awareness to Protiviti’s sustainability efforts with the hope of growing our Environmental, Social and Governance practices.”

Meanwhile, Melanie is Protiviti’s Environmental, Social, and Governance Center of Excellence Leader. Our ESG program is dedicated to enable sustainability globally in a way that positively impacts organizations, communities, and the planet. It is her job to help build our ESG practice and deliver on ESG engagements across our solutions. This program offers clients a holistic and integrated approach to position them for continued-long term success.

Personally, Melanie’s favorite green activity comes in the form of sustainable food resources. “I love to support small farmers by shopping at my local farmers market and going to nearby farms directly,” she shared. “It’s been an amazing experience to build relationships with my farming neighbors over the years and learn more about growing food, with the added bonus of delicious treats.”

Earth Day is Every Day

Throughout the year, the Green Team hosts quarterly discussions and works with Environmental, Social and Governance solution team members to provide top-end support in sustainability. The Green Team also supports local events, including park cleanups, sustainable gardening, composting and green happy hours.

Across the U.S. this April, local office Green Team leads are running Earth Month events. In Chicago, a friendly competition is tracking sustainable actions, from using plastic-free alternatives for hygiene products to growing food at home. San Francisco will host a discussion on sustainable food and retail options following their Q1 Quarterly discussion. New York is planning a happy hour at a “green” bar. And Los Angeles is hosting a virtual happy hour with a short lesson on composting and gardening.

Grove Collaborative Joins us on Earth Week

The PRO National Green Team has partnered with our parent company, Robert Half, to host guest speaker Danielle Jezienicki, the Senior Director of Sustainability for Grove Collaborative. Grove Co. is a digital-first brand and ecommerce platform for natural home and personal care products, and it is a major plastic-neutral retailer. Grove Co. aims to be 100 percent plastic-free by 2025. Danielle will talk about living plastic-free and personal sustainability. Our people will be able to ask questions and learn more about how to make impactful changes in our daily lives.

How Protiviti is Celebrating (And Inspiring Change!)

All throughout the week, Protiviti has hosted several events to celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful way – by learning how we all can become greener and more sustainable to support the earth, both in and out of work.

April 18​​

​Our company got to know our Green Team! This e​​vent kicked off Earth Week with a task force overview showcasing how Protiviti has made a difference in the past and our goals for 2022.
April 19​

​We had a shared discussion about our carbon footprint and how we can be more conscious consumers. Learn more about this event and what we discussed here!
April 20
​House plants 101! This fun event discussed the best ways to keep your houseplants healthy and even included a collaborative plant show-and-tell.
April 21

​Conversation with guest speaker Danielle Jezienicki of Grove Collaborative to discuss personal sustainability. 
April 22

​We’re putting our people’s green habits and knowledge to the test with a green scavenger hunt! Open to our employees and their whole households, this interactive lesson will teach our people, their children, and even pets how to become more sustainable.

How are we going green?

We asked our green team members how, in addition to planning many great Earth Day events, they plan to challenge themselves to take their sustainability journeys further. 

Larissa plans to learn new ways to be more sustainable in her day-to-day life every week. “At the moment, I use only reusable paper towels. I always take public transportation when it’s an option. I use a reusable water bottle. I also purchase more second-hand clothing and avoid fast fashion brands altogether. This one can be tough, but I have found that thrifting and vintage shopping is much more enjoyable!”

Senior Consultant Charlotte is deeply passionate about the sustainability.​

“When I started my career, I noticed a gap in Protiviti’s sustainability practices and decided it was a perfect place for me to express my interests at work while helping guide Protiviti to a more sustainable future. At home and at work I try to eat as vegan as possible. Of course, I don’t succeed 100 percent of the time. But I try to reduce my meat and dairy consumption as much as possible as it’s one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact. Additionally, I keep my air conditioning at 77 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 64degrees Fahrenheit in the winter (much to the dismay of any guests I have over). AC and heating are some of the highest energy users in the home. Every day I try to find small ways to lead a more sustainable life!”

Ryan, a Senior Consultant in our Atlanta office, is challenging himself to continue to learn about how he can live more sustainably and find ways to help others.

“Since high school, I’ve been interested in environmental issues and how our society addresses problems like climate change or resource depletion. I love connecting with colleagues who are interested in working together outside of typical day-to-day projects. Together, we are working to help others and Protiviti to learn more about environmental issues.”

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