When you talk to the 2021 #ProtivitiIntern class, you’ll find the virtual world has become something they are accustomed to. For this generation, who has been navigating their academic career during a time with a ton of change and shift, they’ve become closely acquainted to “learning on the fly”. But if we’re being honest, learning in a virtual environment can be tough – really tough. In being sensitive to the changes that may make virtual learning difficult to navigate, Protiviti teams worked closely together to build an experience that felt less like a full-time virtual classroom and more like a journey we could all take together. Guided by a visual map, the internship curriculum was developed with consistent learning and connection in mind.

An Emphasis on the Journey

Throughout the internship, which runs until early August, the #ProtivitiIntern class will build confidence and learn more about who they are, while also gaining client experience to enhance their skills. Baked around hands-on client work, extended learning sessions helps this group to embrace diverse opportunities, as we encourage them to lead with innovation, be an engine for new ideas, and truly live something different.

Interns enjoy a session focused on DEI

Engaging Through Extended Learning

Friday Features:

This summer, we are concluding each week of the internship with “Friday Features”, which are an opportunity for the #ProtivitiIntern class to take a deep dive into topics that are important and relevant to #LivingProtiviti. These blocks are broken out to cover an inclusive and diverse array of topics including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, career growth, innovation, and commitment to our communities. These sessions are meant to inspire self-reflection, as well as create an interactive space where interns can learn from their peers and from leaders within our organization.

Design Thinking Learning Lab:

Building design thinking skills and routinely applying design thinking in our work at Protiviti is an important aspect of our Protiviti 2022 strategic driver to Embed Innovation in Service Delivery across the firm.  One core initiative to this is building an innovation mindset in our organization. Interns will complete the Design Thinking Learning Lab (DTLL) this summer, which is a one-day, 8-hour live virtual learning program that introduces fundamental design thinking concepts, the LUMA system, methods and recipes, and provides a chance for participants to practice design thinking techniques along with their fellow interns. Interns will also get a chance to hear from Practice personnel at all levels who will guide the interns through design thinking activities as well as sharing their own experiences about how they have applied design thinking with their clients and teams.

Interactive Reality Learning (IRL):  

In addition to Friday Features and DTLL, interns will get to participate in an immersive and interactive learning experience, designed to simulate what it feels like to be an “outsider” in the workplace regardless of race, gender or background. The experience aligns closely to Protiviti’s three values:

  • Inclusion and the importance of leading with inclusion and empathy. 
  • Integrity as it is a demonstration of our commitment to building inclusive leaders who seek out diverse perspectives
  • Innovation as this IRL is a new mode of learning experience for Protiviti – one that we believe delivers a stronger and more lasting impact than what could be achieved through other learning approaches such as videos, e-learning, etc. The learning also reinforces that a diverse, psychologically safe environment allows everyone to bring their authentic selves to work which elevates team performance and encourages innovation.

The experience concludes with interns writing personal commitments where they describe specific actions they will take to lead with inclusion moving forward, both in work and life.

Protiviti Interns enjoy a virtual “night out” — and even got to bring some furry friends along!

Leaving a Lasting Impression

As the internship concludes in a few weeks, the #ProtivitiIntern class will have participated in a number of various virtual learning sessions in addition to the client work opportunities they have worked on. The goal is that all interns gain tangible skills that can be brought with them as they conclude their academic careers, look forward to their professional careers, and work to make a difference in the world we live in. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this bright group of individuals!

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