Navigating an internship in a completely virtual environment is something most organizations never could have imagined, yet here we are. As the #ProtivitiIntern class of 2020 heads into their final days here at Protiviti, we are left feeling inspired. This group of 247 interns brought unimaginable enthusiasm to a difficult situation — and that can only be a reflection of the adaptability and promise of this next generation of students coming off-campus. Through adversity, these bright, talented individuals have remained focused, engaged and empathetic and we are so grateful for the time that they have spent with our organization.

Our interns had the opportunity to participate in many activities — some focused on design thinking, others were teambuilding and some involved leadership! Here are some of our favorite photos that capture a variety of events!

Through the evolution of this program, we were able to virtually map out an internship that we feel strongly reflects who we are as an organization. A visually illustrated journey was presented to our intern class and executed through amazing commitment from Learning and Development, Recruiting, our wonderful Facilitation team, and with leadership support.

As the Interns learned core skills and elements of our business, we also challenged them with reflection moments and we’re impressed by many of the thoughts shared:

Best ‘A-Ha’ Moments

altru-video-thumbnailHear from New York Intern, Roshni

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Atlanta Intern, Julia

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Dallas Intern, Bailey

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Boston Intern, Elaina

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Chicago Intern, Anna

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Protiviti Values

altru-video-thumbnailHear from Metro D.C. Intern, Victor

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from New York Intern, Marleen

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from St. Louis Intern, Matt

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Houston Intern, Dariela

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Orlando Intern, Molly

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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Chicago Intern, Trenton

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As the Interns conclude their internship on Wednesday, we wish each of them the best of luck with their final months of school and thank them for a wonderful, and truly unforgettable, internship!

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#MyProtivitiStory: We believe the best way to understand the core of our organization is through our people. These short videos are a reflection of our people’s stories and experiences.

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