Like most companies, just a few months ago Protiviti was faced with the unthinkable task of virtualizing all on-boarding, training, and recruitment programs in what felt like minutes. While the current pandemic has created an environment where all organizations have had to evolve, we wanted to develop experiences that are impactful and go beyond just a “temporary adjustment”. Instead, our goal was and continues to be to innovate with longevity, learn from the current environment, and strengthen the experience.

But the question stands: how exactly do you take a traditionally in-person internship experience and mobilize it to go virtual?  

“It has always been our mission to create the most impactful program for our interns – this year, we are challenged to do that in a virtual environment,” Tyler Chase, Executive Sponsor of Protiviti’s The Intern Challenge states. “The question of how to provide a meaningful experience gets magnified when you think about that in the context of being remote. Our value of innovation is in our DNA, and working alongside a talented team, we have been able to apply that in building a virtual internship that we feel proud of.” 

Through the use of programs such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, we have built a robust virtual experience that will focus on important skills that are needed in consulting such as problem solving, using innovation, and understanding the work we do and how we serve our clients. Additional technologies such as Microsoft Whiteboard and MURAL will aid in enhancing this visual experience and helping interns to feel connected to our business and to one another as they work from the comfort of their chosen safe place. 

“The program will focus on a number of elements that are core to our business and our culture including enhancing leadership skills, providing coaching and mentoring, offering opportunities to collaborate and learn, building digital and innovation capabilities, and working with our clients” says Chase. “We’ve worked to integrate these elements into the program through leveraging various digital technologies and we’re excited about what we’ve built and we’re really looking forward to welcoming our interns next week.” 

Protiviti’s internship program begins on June 14th and runs for 2.5 weeks. We look forward to welcoming 250 interns during this time that represent 26 offices across the U.S.

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