This year will go down in history as one of the most difficult for working parents. In May, we celebrated our working mothers and they shared some of the things that they’ve learned as the navigate the current pandemic. We want to iterate the same sentiment for our working Dads that we shared with our Moms in being so grateful for all that you do. We know that this has not been an easy path to travel down and you’ve been forced to wear several more “hats” than the ones you were already juggling — but we’re proud to have each of you on our team! Thank you.

As Father’s Day approaches in the U.S., we took the opportunity a few weeks ago to ask members of our parents network to share their thoughts. While times can feel heavy, we really appreciated this tongue-in-cheek video from Managing Director, Martin Nash, and his children.

Martin Nash, Managing Director (Tampa, FL) and his kids

Taking the Time

In ordinary times, new parents have an overwhelming amount of worries, but as we work through the pandemic, parents and families need more time than ever to focus on family. In 2019, we enhanced our Paid Parental Leave policy which offers up to ten weeks of paid parental leave to all U.S. employees, regardless of gender, who experience the birth or adoption of a child.

These three new fathers chimed in to share how taking time off has helped them:

altru-video-thumbnailHear from Kevin at Protiviti
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altru-video-thumbnailHear from Joey
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