At a time when our world is facing many difficulties, the core messages of Pride Month are more important than ever: inclusion, diversity, and acceptance. At Protiviti, we believe that when every individual can bring their whole selves to work, we achieve our greatest potential.

As we promote the idea of bringing our whole selves to work and the value of inclusion, it’s impossible not to address the current civil unrest we are experiencing in the U.S.. We want to be clear that injustice, violence, and discrimination have no place in our society or in our company; they stand in direct opposition to our organizational values.

A new revised “Progress” Pride Flag, developed by a team at Protiviti, elegantly states what so many of us feel as we mark this year’s Pride Month. “We celebrate June as Pride Month because it commemorates, in part, speaking out against police harassment and brutality at Stonewall and across the nation,” says Philip Maziarz, Protiviti Global MD Sponsor of the proPRIDE Employee Network Group, adding, “We remember it as a defining moment when the LGBTQ+ community, spearheaded by many LGBTQ+ people of color, refused to accept shame and fear as the price of living equally, fully, freely, and authentically.”

We caught up with a few of our employees to hear their thoughts on Pride this year:

What Does Pride Month Mean

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Celebrating Pride Month

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A Personal Story

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Pride Month Celebrations

The celebration will be different this year as we recognize Pride Month from home rather than together at events in and outside of the office. But, it’s an opportunity to find a starting point for a larger dialogue that can help us all move forward. Our proPRIDE team has planned four themed weeks of activities for our organization. proPRIDE is Protiviti’s Employee Network Group (ENG) which consists of hundreds of employees globally. The ENG encourages participation from both LGBTQIA+ employees and straight allies. Below, is the outline of the themes for the month which are meant to be both educational and informative.

  • Defining LGBTQ+
  • The Importance of Being an Ally
  • What is Gender Identity?
  • Pronouns

From webinars with organizations like LAMBDA Legal, a civil rights organization for the LGBTQ+ community, to participatory events including live trivia, we are looking forward to connecting with colleagues and celebrating. To help celebrate Pride Month, we caught up with a few members of proPRIDE who share their insights.

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