Protiviti Employees Discuss How NABA Has Impacted Them

At Protiviti, we empower our employees to lead. With the guidance of our values: integrity, inclusion and innovation, our hope is that they continue to build a culture where all of our people feel valued.

Through our Diversity & Inclusion initiative, Protiviti aims to provide education and resources — because we know that knowledge is power.  We also challenge our employees to bring their ideas forward for open discussion. We challenge them to teach best practices they’ve identified to be  valuable. We challenge them to be their best and to lead by example.

The Protiviti team on-site at the Career Fair portion of the NABA conference

For the past few years, Protiviti has been honored to sponsor and attend the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Conference, a conference, which provides our team with access to resources, insight to important discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities with their peers.   The conference, a five-day event packed with information sessions and guest speakers, also includes opportunities to recruit and network both internally and externally.

I had the chance to catch up with the team members from Protiviti who were able to attend this year’s conference, and I asked them a simple but direct question: How has NABA impacted you?

Shaliah Theirry“NABA has impacted me because this organization has provided me confidence and empowered me. NABA has exposed me to industries and companies that I had never heard of while in college and introduced me to my very first employer. Protiviti being a part of the NABA community is equally as important because the value of our impact on the industry and the hearts of young, black, upcoming professionals is truly priceless.”

Shaliah, Experienced Senior Consultant, Dallas

Maya Reid 1“Attending this conference was extremely important for me, as I believe it is imperative to be able to see other leaders who look like yourself and/or are of similar backgrounds, especially when from underrepresented minority groups.  Meeting people from many different backgrounds, who all had their own unique corporate experience, was inspirational.  NABA’s slogan is “lifting as we climb,” and when I attended the conference, I saw just how embodied that ideology is.  I was able to attend technical sessions and now can bring back new insights to my own teams. Additionally, despite the countless companies that were represented at this event there was a strong sense of togetherness and I felt that the main bond we had was that we all wanted to see each other succeed.”

Maya, Experienced Consultant, NYC

Teresa Mallary.jpg“I was honored to represent Protiviti at the 2019 conference and proud of our firm’s commitment to our Diversity and Inclusion initiative through its sponsorship of the event. Being a part of NABA and attending the conference is important to me because black representation in the accounting and finance field is still a challenge we face. NABA gives us an opportunity to connect with and recruit exceptional people of color.”

Teresa, Associate Director, Orlando

safiya.jpg“The NABA organization helped me to land my first career role after college. For that reason, it’s important to me to remain very connected in order to serve the organization and provide opportunities to others. As we focus our efforts on Protiviti 2022 and our value of inclusion, the ability to have access to such great resources will greatly assist us with achieving our goals.”

Safiya, Manager, Dallas

Jody James.jpg“NABA has not only been a great professional resource to me but rather it has become my family away from home. Being from another country, NABA was able to provide me the insight that I needed and the opportunity to see different aspects of corporate life. Through the organization, I gained both a scholarship to help with my future success as well as my first job. The values and the message that they share with their members will forever leave an ever-lasting footprint on me and the leader that I want to become. #Liftingasweclimb”

– Jody, Senior Consultant, Chicago



The Protiviti team during the cocktail dinner on-site!

As Susan Haseley, Executive Vice President of Global Diversity & Inclusion once noted, “the true power of Diversity & Inclusion lies in the empowerment of each individual to take action every day.” We are proud to have individuals who want to attend NABA each year and we’re excited that they are able to share their experiences so that we can all have takeaways, not just those who attended.

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