Innovation – it’s a word Protiviti is familiar with. In fact, it’s one of Protiviti’s core values, alongside inclusion and integrity. And we’re going all iNN on innovation!

Protiviti has been hard at work investing in new innovation sites. These intentional spaces are areas in which our people are encouraged to remove all barriers and think outside of the box. The Protiviti iNN innovation sites, launching this year in the Chicago, New York, and London offices, are planned physical sites that underscore Protiviti’s commitment to innovation and client-centric thinking.

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A look inside one of the Protiviti iNN innovation sites

Think of the innovation sites as in-house incubators and accelerators of ideas, where teams with different backgrounds, geographies, industries,  and career levels work together to adopt an innovation mindset and turn ideas into progressive and better solutions. As one element of our innovation initiative, the Protiviti iNN sites will work on business ideas and client challenges that have been gathered, evaluated, and prioritized by innovation teams.

“I couldn’t be more excited that we’ve added innovation as a value of the firm. We are highly focused on embedding this value in all that we do, each and every day,” says Executive Vice President of Global Solutions Cory Gunderson. “With our innovation sites, we have physical locations that serve as enablers to our business, beacons to our clients of our commitment to innovation, and a daily reminder to our people to be constantly thinking about innovation. The completion of the sites represents another important milestone in our ongoing innovation journey.”


Catching Up with the Protiviti iNN Innovation Site Leaders

The innovation sites are working spaces for Protiviti iNN site leaders and colleagues who were selected to work at the sites, otherwise known as the residents.

We had a chance to catch up with both the New York and Chicago Protiviti iNN site leaders. Here’s what they had to say.

On innovation:

JenMoore“The Protiviti iNN sites are places where we can focus on innovation, immerse ourselves in that experience, learn new ways of doing things, and have collaboration tools to help. A lot of innovation is going to happen at these sites, but it’s important to also remember that not all Protiviti innovation is going to happen at these sites. Innovation is going to occur across the entire organization.” – Jennifer, ChicagoCoraWu


“Innovation is a culture. It’s an ‘everyone’ thing – it is not something that is exclusively limited to the Protiviti iNN site leaders and residents. It is why innovation is one of our strategic drivers and one of our core organizational values.” – Cora, New York

On the goals of the Protiviti iNN sites:

“I like the undefined. If you always lay every single brick two blocks ahead of you, then you’re always going to know where to land. You’ll never allow for something to take you down a different path, which is the opposite of creativity and innovation. This work will be about getting comfortable doing things a different way. The biggest priority is to change how we work, change the culture, and help teach people new ways of doing things. The technology is important, but it’s really the culture and education piece that’s going to drive that change.”– Jennifer, Chicago

“At the iNN sites, everyone is part of the same team and there is no hierarchy or titles. With this open environment, it allows for a lot more creativity, a different way of thinking, and a strong sense of inclusion. Everyone has a voice. And with our Protiviti iNN residents, we don’t expect innovation to end when their rotation ends. When they leave at the end of their secondment, we expect them to become ambassadors of innovation. They will share the skills and knowledge they’ve gained with their teams. That is one important way we are hoping to spread the innovation culture.” – Cora, New York

Protiviti employees excited for the New York iNN

Each of the Protiviti iNN sites is equipped with cutting-edge communication, collaboration, and virtual tools. The tools are meant to help stimulate creativity and invest in the innovative mindset. With the barriers broken down, we anticipate that the iNN residents will be able to actively learn, build and progress together – and we look forward to hearing from them in the future.

As we continue to grow and live our value of innovation, we will follow the latest news at the iNN sites. To ensure you stay up to date and never miss a chance to be iNN the know, be sure to subscribe to this blog!

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