Our employees are our number one asset, which means their well-being is important to us.  To us, well-being focuses on three main areas: physical, emotional, and financial. In each of these areas, we have programs and benefits in place to support our employees. We want to ensure our people can continue to thrive in work and in life. We encourage our people to bring their whole selves to work each and every day and we aim to support them in every way that we can.

Today, we talk with some of our employees who share their best tips & tricks for how they put their well-being first from day-to-day. We hope you enjoy their advice!

Dan Walker

Say ‘hello’ to Dan.

Dan is an Experienced Senior Consultant in our Metro D.C. office. Fun fact: Prior to joining Protiviti, Dan was a professional golfer for two years!

Health Motto: “Just do you.”

What advice can you offer for healthy living while traveling?: The best advice I can give is to recognize the importance of sleep.  All that time spent in security lines, airplanes, and hotel rooms is both exhausting you and exposing you to a lot of germs.  On top of that, you’re trying to plan time for your current workload, team and client dinners, and exercise.  If you don’t make a concerted effort to incorporate an adequate amount of sleep in to your plan, you’ll quickly sabotage your ability to achieve any of your goals.”

What tips can you offer in relation to budget-friendly health?: “The most important thing to note is the expense for protein.  Food on the road is drastically weighted towards fat and carbs and frequently leaves out protein altogether.  Most places charge extra for the traditional proteins (chicken, fish, beef, etc.), but there are other great sources of protein you can add to your meal for free.  A favorite of mine is legumes.  Peas, beans, chickpeas, and edamame are all excellent ways to increase your protein intake without breaking the bank.”

Molly Donnellon

Say ‘hi’ to Molly.

Molly is a Manager on Protiviti’s Recruiting team. She sits in the San Francisco office.

Health Motto: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

What keeps you feeling your best during busy times?  “Yoga is my go-to stress reliever. It not only calms my mind when I am stressed but it’s also a great workout!”

Best advice for healthy living? “Everything in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself of food you love, just don’t overdo it. Move everyday, even if it’s just stretching. Drink water. Get enough sleep.”

Colleen Morgan

Say ‘hey’ to Colleen.

Colleen is a Senior Consultant in our Charlotte office. Did you know that Colleen also runs her own wellness blog?

Health Motto: “Live a life of intention.”

What do you think is they key to living a healthy lifestyle? “Planning ahead! Having a plan will make you far less likely to buy something unhealthy out of impulse or skip a workout. You’re setting yourself up for a much healthier week by making a realistic meal and workout plan ahead of time!”

What do you recommend for de-stressing? “Meditation is becoming more and more popular. It allows us to calm the mind before or after a busy day. There are even apps now like ‘Calm’ or ‘Headspace’ that guide you through it! In  addition  to  meditation,  working out always helps me feel good during stressful times. I try to book fun classes with friends during the week and I always feel so much better after I do. ClassPass is an awesome website to use if you are working in a new city and want to try new workout classes without committing to a membership at a specific place.”

Chris Coombs

Say ‘howdy’ to Chris.

Chris is a Manager in Technology Strategy and Operations and sits in the Atlanta office.

Health Motto: “Discipline Equals Freedom” – Jocko Willink

What advice can you offer for healthy living while traveling?

Be flexible. Try to adapt to each day and sneak in a workout during lunch or in the evenings when travel schedules allow. It may not be the same time each day! Maintain discipline and hold yourself accountable.

Get creative. You don’t always need a gym to get a workout in. Find a nice patch of grass outside or clear some space in your hotel room to knock out a 20-30 minute session. There a plenty of YouTube videos to guide you!

What tips can you offer on budget-friendly health?

Snacks. Always travel with healthy snacks to keep yourself away from overpriced, stale, carb and salt heavy airport food. Homemade trail mix helps to hold me over until I can get to my destination; just don’t overindulge and watch out for salted and fried nuts. Another favorite of mine is the RX Bar.

Fasting. Talk about a great way to save money and avoid blowing up your nutrition plan! This may be an extreme for some folks, but there are some scientific benefits to fasting (I advise you to do your research instead of taking my word for it). This can take on many shapes and forms, but the type I’m talking about is intermittent fasting.

Watch out for the free food. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to find catering of fresh salads, fruit, and vegetables when it’s free. It’s usually pizza, doughnuts, or another carb that’s going to spike your blood sugar, make you tired, and sit in your stomach all day. I would suggest trying to walk away from the junk foods when possible.”


Say ‘hi there’ to Nageen.

Nageen is an Experienced Consultant in our Minneapolis office.

Health Motto: “No pain, no gain.”

What do you think is the key to living a healthy lifestyle? “The best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to make your health a priority! Planning my workouts and meals ahead of time has really helped me stick to a schedule and obtain my goals. It can be hard to get a workout in during a busy day or to make healthy choices during a happy hour, but thinking about your choices and commitments beforehand can help you stick to the promises you made yourself.”

Do you have advice for ways to save costs while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? “Plan the meals you are shopping for before hitting the grocery store. Make a list of only the ingredients needed for those meals and stick to the list!”

What keeps you feeling your best during busy times? “Getting a quick workout in always helps me feel refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge. If I’m extra tight on time, I like taking a brisk walk with my dog or while calling friends and family.”

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