It’s sophomore year of college and you’re loving life. You’ve got this ‘college thing’ down pat and you have your schedule set – class, class, homework, class, Saturday football game, repeat. Then, out of nowhere, you start getting the question.

So what do you want to do with your life?


Don’t worry, Gen Z, we’ve all been there!  As a generation who values working in communities and groups to obtain goals, wants to make an impact and provide value, and looks for diversity and variety in work engagements, consulting may just be the career path for you. With so many opportunities and companies vying for your talents, externship programs have become quite popular. For just a small investment of your time, you are sure to be provided with valuable resources and learning that can help to guide you towards your future.


Protiviti piloted our Summer Leadership Conference (SLC) in 2014 as a one-day program to provide insight and bring value to sophomore level students who are curious about career opportunities. Our program is aimed at helping students to develop professional skills while partaking in team building and development activities that allow for a deep understanding of the consulting career path. “I had an opportunity to be a part of a case based exercise that specifically highlighted what consulting is all about,” says Kimberly (SLC attendee) who went on to intern and join us full-time in the Bay Area. “I worked alongside Protiviti employees during this portion of the day and it was so impactful knowing that they took time out of their busy schedules to help me to better understand.” In addition, the program will highlight entry-level project work and experience. “As a sophomore, it’s hard to get a taste of what consulting is like from a typical university course curriculum. This one day gave me such great insight, not only to the industry, but to the people and culture in a setting that didn’t feel like a high-pressure formality,” mentioned Vanessa (SLC, Atlanta), “I remember feeling really comfortable with Protiviti.” Of course, that is one of our main goals! As someone who has helped to lead an SLC program in the past, I can speak on behalf of Protiviti employees when I say, that we are here to help you learn more about yourself as part of this experience.

vanessa slc
Vanessa (SLC, Atlanta Experienced Consultant) in Greece post-graduation!

Choosing the right place to start your career is similar to the decision you made about which college to attend. Much like finding the ‘right’ college, you’ll learn that not every company will suit every individual. Some individuals will thrive in smaller companies; others in larger companies. Some individuals might not see the direct impact of the size of a company, but are more inclined to be drawn to a certain culture or to the people they meet. “I knew I wanted to do consulting, and I was considering all types of firms, including many of the bigger ones,” said current Consultant, Bridget (SLC, Chicago). “The defining factor in my decision was the people.  The SLC experience with Protiviti gave me direct accessibility to leadership who participated on projects, events and activities with me.”

SLC Bridget
Bridget (SLC, Chicago Consultant) in Thailand this past summer!

Not only is the SLC program built to provide value to you as you grow in your academic career, but it is also a chance to have a first look and opportunity to interview for our intern program for the following summer! The day of the program, all participants complete interviews for the internship on-site.  If you haven’t heard about our Intern Program, you will definitely want to. (P.S. – You can proudly catch us here on Vault’s 50 Best Internships)

Vault internship 2019 (screenshot).jpg

We are so thrilled to be continuing to grow our Summer Leadership Conference program in several cities across the U.S. and to share our special culture and work with all of you. The future is bright with you, Gen Z! I think my friend and colleague, Kimberly (SLC, Bay Area) wraps it up the best.  “If I could sum up Protiviti culture in one word, it would be ‘supportive’. The continued nurturing I received in keeping in-contact with Protiviti from the time of the SLC until now, as a full-time employee, has been incredible. The culture I experienced at the conference became a benchmark. I’m so excited to be a part of Protiviti and its growth!”

Kimberly (SLC, Bay Area Consultant) in Hawaii this past summer!

The upcoming program focuses on sophomore-level students graduating between December 2020 and August 2021.

Apply to the SLC!

If you’re interested in applying to a Summer Leadership Conference, please submit your resume and transcript here and a member of our recruitment team will follow up with you.


Applications for 2020 will open early next year. In the meantime, join our Campus Talent Community to stay in touch.

SLC Atlanta in 2018 participating in a meal packing event for our ionHunger efforts. Read more at!

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