It’s said that being a parent is the single hardest job in the world.

From the perspective of a daughter, I’d agree.

We expect a lot from our moms. They are our life cheerleaders, a shoulder to cry on, a friend, mentor, and teacher all at the same time. As we approach Mother’s Day in the U.S., we want to recognize a category of mom that is like no other — the “Supermom”.


At Protiviti, we are no stranger to the Supermom. To us and our clients, they are the leaders, the colleagues, the managers, the friends, the trusted advisors and the sounding boards — but we know they wear even more hats at home.

This week, we get the chance to say what we think all year round…THANK YOU! Thank you for pulling through to meet a deadline while your child had strep throat. Thank you for coaching us on a challenging deliverable when you had to pick up glue for the 3rd grade science project. Thank you for calling in to the parent teacher conference from the client site clear across the country.  And thank you for reminding us that there is no one way to make it work — there are a multitude.  We know you are giving this your all!  As the kids would say, you are the G.O.A.T.  — the Greatest of All Time.

We celebrate our Supermoms, and we’re thrilled to offer benefits that will continue to assist our working moms and moms-to-be. From parent mentorships, to paid leave programs, it is Protiviti’s honor to help our working parents in the best ways we can to ensure they feel supported and empowered in work and life.

Mother's Day.jpg
Supermom’s – Bernadette (top left), Julia (top right), Bethany (bottom left), Jen (bottom center), Cassie (bottom right)


SuperMom Stories:

Bernadette — Metro DC — “Knock, knock – who’s there?” Find out more about how Bernadette’s kids are making her life each day, click here.

Bethany — Dallas — For more on how Bethany is taking her career (and the Protiviti Dallas Softball Team) to new heights with the help of her son, click here.

Cassandra — Phoenix — This mom-to-be is already a supermom and her bundle of joy hasn’t even formally arrived yet! Click here to read more.

Julia — Atlanta – This new mom has received the best advice from her colleagues and she’s ready to share her own with the world – read it here first.

Jen — San Francisco – You won’t want to miss this one! Hear from this Director of Marketing and Communications, here.

Happy Mother’s Day to these and all our Protiviti Supermoms.  We appreciate you more than you know!

— Cait

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