Jen Matthews
Jen, her husband, and her two daughters on a trip to Washington D.C. last summer

The Hallmark cards are flying off the shelves and we’re less than 48 hours away from Mother’s Day in the U.S.. Sadly, this means, this is our final Supermom feature in our week long series. Have no fear though – this feature was certainly worth the wait!

Meet Jen, a Director on our Marketing and Communications team who hails  from the Golden State. If you were curious, I’ll let you in on something I quickly learned…Jen is no stranger to life on-the-go! After graduating from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!) with a degree in filmmaking, she began her career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. After gaining knowledge by working a number of diverse positions in the industry, Jen was then able to land a job at a well-known cable music channel in the Big Apple. She notes “I had some of the best years of my life living and exploring New York City”, which comes to no surprise to me as a former “New Yawker” myself! She’d eventually move back to the San Francisco Bay Area where you can find her now.

Jen offers us a unique perspective into the Supermom life at Protiviti as the only feature this week who is a member of our operations team, as opposed to the practice. I caught up with her earlier this week to hear about how she manages to be a Supermom and a Director all at the same time (I’m tired just thinking about it!).

Work/life balance is something I get asked about often. As a parent, it must be even harder to maintain! How do you manage? “I think planning ahead is key. Planning work and home commitments on the same calendar to stay organized helps me ensure my family gets the attention they need and deserve. I prefer not to use the term work/life “balance” because it has a negative connotation to me because the fact is I can’t really balance everything and I don’t want to feel like a failure! I just looked up “balance” in the dictionary to re-confirm I still feel this way. Confirmed – not the best word to convey the reality of parenthood for me!”

What is your favorite thing about being a parent? “It is so rewarding and interesting watching my kids grow up and form their own opinions and unique personalities that make them so uniquely them. I enjoy learning from them and appreciating their interesting perspectives…even if I don’t always agree! The older they get, the more they become the most fascinating people I know. It’s that unconditional love thing”

Protiviti is a place where we work hard to support family. Would you be able to share any examples of how Protiviti has been able to support you?  “The flexibility Protiviti offers is very much appreciated in my family. Especially during the summer when my husband and I are doing a ‘divide and conquer approach’ of getting our girls to camps, swim practice and all their activities with friends.”

Is there any one person or group of persons that has been extremely helpful to you as you conquer parenthood? “I’m grateful for my husband who is very involved and an equal partner in raising our girls. We do a good job working together negotiating carpools and dentist appointments with each other and trying to support each other’s careers at the same time we raise our kids.”

On behalf of Protiviti and the Parents’ Network, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to Jen for being an amazing mom and a wonderful leader at Protiviti. And, for teaching us something new today in providing a new perspective – that work and life is better viewed as a blend than a balance.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Jen Matthews

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