Each and every Supermom has her own, unique story – and each is equally as amazing as the one before. We just can’t get enough of the incredible moms and moms-to-be that we have at Protiviti! Today, we travel to the Peach state, home of our next featured Supermom.

Everyone, meet Julia. Julia, a Senior Manager in Supply Chain in our Atlanta office, has been with us since day one of her professional career, which began eight years ago after she graduated from Florida State University. On any given day, you might find her doing work to restore her home, which is over 120 years old! Julia also really enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, her husband, Adam, and their little girl, Eleanor Anne.

I checked in with Julia to see how her new journey in motherhood has been. Here is what she had to say:

Julia Sloan.jpgAs a new mom, what is your favorite thing so far about being a parent? “Listening to my daughter, Eleanor, laugh. There is nothing better than baby giggles.”

Some of the best ways for new parents to learn the ropes is through others! Do you have any advice for other working parents on how you maintain strong work/life blend? “I am still learning how to juggle my responsibilities as both a new parent and a new Senior Manager. However, I can pass on a little advice!  I have learned activities you can outsource are unimportant and shouldn’t be considered a core competency. This is Supply Chain 101 and advice we would give our clients! Everything from grocery shopping, lawn-care, housekeeping, dry cleaning, etc. can be outsourced. Outsourcing allows me to spend more quality time with my family like going for walks or, even watching a movie. I also try to start my day early and get work done before everyone gets up. During the week, I use this time to plan my day and get an early start on my work tasks.”

Protiviti is a place where we work hard to support family. Would you be able to share any examples of how Protiviti has been able to support you? Did/do you take advantage of any benefits that stand out to you? “I’ve traveled every week since returning from maternity leave and have taken full advantage of Limerick, our workplace lactation support program. I received support from a Lactation Consultant while on maternity leave. Since returning to work, they have been fantastic about shipping all my supplies and ice packs to my hotel before I arrive! I send packages back home twice a week. I am hoping to keep breastfeeding until my daughter turns one year old and with this program, it’s possible. I can’t thank Protiviti enough for offering this service!”

Is there any one person or group of persons that has been extremely helpful to you as you conquer parenthood? “The Supply Chain leadership has been incredibly supportive from the beginning of my journey. Given my area of expertise, my travel was  around 80% while pregnant and upon returning from maternity leave. Juggling work travel (which is one of my favorite aspects of my job!) and frequent doctor appointments can be stressful. My advisor, John, frequently checked in to make sure I was balancing my professional and personal responsibilities and provided guidance when needed. Additionally, fellow Protiviti Supermom, Dominique, provided invaluable advice as I transitioned back from maternity leave on how to adjust to my new responsibilities. I am incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and guidance as my personal dynamics change.”

It’s truly exciting for all of us at Protiviti to get to see you grow in both your career and in your personal life, Julia!  It’s also amazing to hear about all the support you’ve received from mentors and colleagues.


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