As you may have caught on from our Supermom series thus far, we have some pretty amazing ladies within our organization. Today, we have an extra special treat for you. It’s the ultimate surprise, a title that doesn’t last much more than 9 months. (Drumroll, please)…… The Supermom-To-Be!

Meet Cassie. With her debut child coming October 2018, we know that Baby Girl Gonzalez is already the luckiest.  That’s because we’ve really gotten to know Cassie over the past six years since she started her career with Protiviti post graduating from Arizona State University. In that time, Cassie has grown tremendously and is now a Manager within our IT Audit practice in our Phoenix office. In her spare time, you might find Cassie hiking and spending time outdoors. As if she wasn’t impressive enough already, you might also find Cassie riding horses, which she did competitively for the majority of her life. (I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that Baby Girl Gonzalez might have a favorite animal pretty early on). Lucky for me, I was able to virtually “sit down” with Supermom-To-Be, Cassie, and hear her story.

Cassie G
“This is me and my husband in Hawaii just a few weeks ago.  My baby bump is just barely starting to show!”

This is a very exciting time for you and your family! What is the thing you are looking forward to the most about being a parent? “I just can’t wait to meet my little girl and see her personality grow. I’m also curious what color eyes she will have!”

Work/life balance is a big topic of discussion. As a soon-to-be working parent, have you received any advice from co-workers on how to maintain balance? Or any tips/tricks they’ve provided that really resonated with you? “From what I’ve heard from other working mothers, Protiviti is great when it comes to being flexible (i.e. doctor’s appointments, kids home sick from school, etc.). I’m especially happy to be able to come back to such an amazing team in the Phoenix office that has supported me over the last 6 years.  I’m sure they will continue to support me in this next chapter. I do plan to come back to work full time after my maternity leave and I’m confident that my Protiviti team will be great as I adjust back into a working schedule!”

Protiviti is a place where we work hard to support family. I would love for you to share your Protiviti experience thus far in preparing for parenthood. “So far I’ve had all my questions answered and I know I will continue to have support and help as my due date gets closer.  Our local Human Resources Manager, Charlotte, in the Phoenix office is always so helpful when it comes to life events such as these – she always has my best interests in mind.  Additionally, another Human Resources Manager, Tu,  will act as my Parental Leave Concierge and has been aiding me in scheduling my leave and getting everything in order for insurance purposes.  I’ve heard horror stories about mothers at other companies having to figure everything out on their own (insurance, paid leave, etc.) and I’m so grateful that Protiviti offers so much assistance in this process so early on!”

We’re so excited for Cassie and thrilled that, even five months before her little bundle of joy formally makes her entrance in to this world, she feels supported. We look forward to assisting Cassie and her family with her leave, benefits, and other programs like the Protiviti Parents’ Network. Congratulations, Cassie! We can’t wait to check in with you in just a few months from now!


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