There are only a few weeks left to apply for the 10th annual Discover Protiviti – an in-person, immersive experience for current sophomores / rising junior college students who are interested in understanding more about the possibilities of a career in consulting. Through our people, our leaders and a client-simulated experience, Discover Protiviti participants will learn what it means when we say “live something different”. Applicants who interview for Discover Protiviti will also be considered for a 2024 Protiviti internship position.

For more information on the program and how to apply, check out our application announcement here.

Want to hear straight from our participants? Check out these helpful insights from Protiviti consultants who got their start at Discover. You never know…this one small step could lead you down the career path of a lifetime!

Stories from Protiviti Discover Participants

Thanu, Technology Consulting, 2020 Discover Participant

Thanu’s Advice: “Discover Protiviti is a great opportunity to network and connect with professionals who are experts in their field. I would advise participating in all the networking events throughout Discover Protiviti — and don’t be afraid to connect with your peers and professionals even after you complete the experience. I have learned a lot through the many people I met during Discover!”

Impactful Discover Moment: “Going into the Discover Protiviti experience, I was unsure what field I was interested in. During Discover, I learned a lot about the different projects available and was told that Protiviti attempts to put you in projects that you are interested in exploring. There were several different exercises and networking opportunities where I got to speak with professionals in a variety of different fields within Protiviti. After Discover Protiviti, I interned at Protiviti and joined full time and I can confidently say Protiviti is the place for me!”

Sabrina, Risk & Compliance, 2020 Discover Participant

Sabrina’s Advice: “A piece of advice I’d give to someone considering Discover Protiviti is to prepare to step outside your comfort zone! Consulting is about embracing and adapting to new and unknown situations. As an introvert, Discover Protiviti was the perfect opportunity to grow as I was able to network with peers and professionals from various levels and locations within Protiviti, as well as learning what a career in consulting entails.”

Impactful Discover Moment: “The most impactful thing I learned during Discover Protiviti was the firm’s genuine commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and having a healthy work environment. Learning about the employee network groups and various other initiatives ultimately led to my decision to join Protiviti as an intern and now full-time consultant. Work-life balance and being able to bring my authentic self to work were essential when I was internship-hunting, and I found both within Protiviti!”

Rachel, Business Performance Improvement, 2020 Discover Participant

Rachel’s Advice: “Go for it! You’ll learn so much about the firm, about consulting, and about what it’s like to go through a professional interview process.”

Impactful Discover Moment: “When I started Discover Protiviti, I was nervous about having very minimal consulting knowledge. Protiviti made it very clear to all participants that they were excited that we were there, and that they fully expected to teach us everything we needed to know. If you’re consulting, you’re learning, and it’s okay to not know everything from the beginning as long as you approach each problem with an innovative and open mindset. From that moment, I knew I would be surrounded by peers and leaders that would patiently and diligently teach me new consulting skills…and that has definitely been the case!”

Wyatt, Technology Consulting, 2020 Discover Participant

Wyatt’s Advice: “If you’re considering Discover Protiviti, I would wholeheartedly advise you to seize the opportunity. I initially had reservations, however, after attending Discover Protiviti, it proved to be one of the most valuable decisions I’ve made. The event not only gave me a comprehensive understanding of consulting and Protiviti but also provided me with valuable connections. These connections ultimately led to me receiving an internship opportunity, which then blossomed into a full-time offer.”

Memorable Discover Moment: “A particularly memorable moment was when I posed a question to a manager regarding how to harness my youthful energy and turn it into productive outcomes. Their response was both relatable and inspiring, and it has continued to influence me to this day.”

Daniela, Risk & Compliance, 2020 Discover Participant

Daniela’s Advice: “My advice to someone considering Discover Protiviti is to ask as many questions as you can. Be inquisitive and don’t be afraid, everyone is here to help you!”

Impactful Discover Moment: “The most impactful thing I learned was that it was okay to ask questions. Everyone at Protiviti wants you to succeed so you shouldn’t be afraid to learn and grow. I really wanted to work in an environment that encouraged growth so Protiviti was perfect.”

Jorie, Internal Audit & Financial Advisory, 2020 Discover Participant

Jorie’s Advice: “One piece of advice I would offer to someone considering Discover Protiviti would be to go into it with an open mind! Be open to trying new things, challenging yourself, and learning more about what your career path could potentially look like. When I first accepted my offer to learn more about Protiviti, I had no prior knowledge of the consulting industry. The leadership experience gave me great insights into what exactly Protiviti does and how they positively impact their clients. Before attending, I don’t believe I would have had any intention into going into the consulting industry, but now cannot see myself anywhere but Protiviti!”

Impactful Discover Moment: “The most impactful thing I learned during Discover Protiviti was about the company culture and how Protiviti values its employees. Speaking with the facilitators during the leadership program gave me an overwhelming feeling that Protiviti would be a great company to work for and grow my professional skills. The conversations I had ultimately influenced my decision to join Protiviti as an intern and subsequently accept an offer to work full time. As a full time employee now, I have seen firsthand how supportive the company culture is to each of its employees professional growth.”

Harsha, Technology Consulting, 2020 Discover Participant

Harsha’s Advice: “Discover is an awesome experience for college students to understand and learn what a consulting career looks like and make meaningful connections. I would say to enjoy the experience and take it as a learning opportunity to expand your knowledge in consulting and see if it may be something you are interested in pursuing!”

Impactful Discover Moment: “The most impactful thing I took away from Discover Protiviti is the knowledge I gained about Protiviti as a firm and its culture. I was drawn to each consultant’s story/journey during the consultant panel – I could relate to some of them as they were once college students too who didn’t know much about how their future careers would look like. It stood out to me that the consultants emphasized how Protiviti equipped them with the right resources, guidance, and training to navigate through their careers as college graduates and progress as professionals. I also appreciated all the advice they gave to us on leadership and professional growth, and it gave me confidence that I could thrive as a consultant too.”

Nicole, Business Performance Improvement, 2020 Discover Participant

Nicole’s Advice: “Discover is a great low risk, high reward opportunity for you to experience what Protiviti is like. When you are there, try to picture yourself working/spending time with the people you meet and that can be a great way to know if the Protiviti culture is for you!”

Impactful Discover Moment: “Meeting with an advisor and doing small group activities were really impactful for me because it allowed me to share my personality as well as feel what my potential new coworkers would be like. I found everyone very supportive and caring about your career development- which I really value.”

Christine, Internal Audit & Financial Advisory, 2020 Discover Participant

Christine’s Advice: “One piece of advice that I would offer to someone considering Discover Protiviti is to go for it! It is a wonderful opportunity to get a hands-on, immersive learning experience and talk to people from all levels of the firm. Not only was everyone very welcoming and easy to talk to, but I also learned a lot from hearing everyone’s experiences. For example, I got a better understanding of what it is like to work as a consultant, what the Protiviti culture is like, and what areas I wish to pursue in my career!”

Impactful Discover Moment: “One of the most impactful things I learned from Discover Protiviti that significantly influenced my decision to join is the culture. I felt welcomed, connected, and heard throughout the entire experience. I also really liked the flexibility and work-life balance that Protiviti offers. Additionally, growing up as an Asian American, diversity and inclusion have always been super important to me and something I looked for in a company. It was really great to learn that Protiviti has a lot of initiatives to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

Brianna, Internal Audit & Financial Advisory, 2020 Discover Participant

To learn more about Discover, hear insights from other attendees, and explore the opportunities in store for you, check out our stories from last year.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the first step down your career journey as you Discover us, Discover you, and Discover Protiviti.

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