Recent studies show that 20-25% of individuals in the U.S. have battled, or will battle, a mental illness in their lifetime. As a result, most people will either personally experience mental illness or will know someone who is impacted by mental illness. Unfortunately, that can be a difficult subject to breach for some. Protiviti is working towards breaking that stigma in the workplace to create a great place to work for all.


Protiviti’s global well-being Employee Network Group, ProMIND, is dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being for all, as well as reducing the stigma of mental health challenges through open dialogue and support for one another, resource sharing and encouraging mindful activities. Their vision is to provide a network and resources for our people to pursue stronger mental well-being, leading to more confidence and higher levels of happiness.

Throughout the year, ProMIND hosts various webinars and events that help promote awareness surrounding the topic of mental well-being. Quarterly, larger programs are hosted where we come together and collaborate with offices across the country. In addition to events ProMIND hosts, they also provide avenues for support through their website on a personal “self-serve” basis.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Throughout the month of May, ProMIND is hosting a series of Free Podcast Clubs aimed to spread awareness and facilitate open and honest dialogue about mental health among our teams. Each week, we have a featured podcast and breakouts you can join with your peers to further discuss.

Week 1: Thomson Reuters Institute Market Insights, Discusses the difference between stress and burnout, chronic cynicism, and the emergence of the “why bother, who cares?”​

Week 2:  The Hilarious World of Depression, Barenaked Ladies co-founder and co-front man talks about Camouflage Songs about Depression​.

Week 3: Dare to Lead, Brene Brown makes conversation with an old friend who happens to be an expert on fear, anxiety, and perfectionism.

Week 4: Owning it, The Anxiety Podcast, Dr. Harry Barry, discusses what happens in the mind when you get anxious and what can you do about it.

Well-Being for Life

Protiviti makes it a point to offer resources and opportunities to improve your overall well-being as you join our team. As a company committed to our people, we offer comprehensive well-being benefits focused on helping you stay healthy and well throughout any stage of your life.

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You can read more about this Employee Network Group and other organizations we have to help support, include, and celebrate all of our teammates on Protiviti’s DEI Page.

You can also scroll through other well-being stories on the blog to learn more about Protiviti as a well-being champion.

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