While remote work can be effective and efficient, it also provides its own unique challenges. While some of us may have been seasoned remote workers prior to this time; others of us are newer to this experience and are probably starting to have the itch to return to our “old normal”. As we adjust to the new way we’re working, in a remote setting, it’s important to remember that this looks different for everyone. But, by having a plan that works for you, being proactive on your technology needs, and communicating, we can all be successful working from home during this crisis and in the future.

We caught up with a few members of our team who share what works for them! We hope this will help you as you continue to find your balance.

Planning for Your Remote Work Day

Kyle Shockley“I simulate the exact process I have when I’m in the office. I make a prioritized listing of responsibilities that need to be completed before the end of the day, remind myself of meeting schedule, then build in time for lunch.” – Kyle, Manager , Dallas

Maggie Choi“I wear my comfortable lounge clothes and make my own breakfast. This way, I feel refreshed, comfortable, and fully engaged to work on my daily tasks. Towards the end of the day, I use the time I would have otherwise commuted to do some exercise/yoga with my young boys at home.” – Maggie, Senior Manager, Hong Kong

Shaun Fothergill“Write yourself a goal list for the day and the week. Tick these off when they are complete or when you have made good progress. Additionally, be transparent and update your manager and your teammates with what you are doing and why. That helps to keep productivity high.” – Shaun, Senior Specialist, United KingdomCassie Vale

“I wake up and get ready as if going into the office, sit down in a designated space such as a desk, and begin work!” – Cassie, Senior Manager, New York

Kalina Dalecki“I write my to-do list of things I need to get done (first thing that morning and last thing I do before I’m done for the day), check emails, update list accordingly, and see what meetings I have that day. My Apple Watch keeps me moving once an hour so I don’t get stagnant.” – Kalina, Manager, St. Louis

Leveraging Technology in Your Home Office

Stephen Nation“ I encourage a multiple monitor set-up in a quiet place, when possible. I always keep email and Teams visible on one screen to ensure timely response. This is not a necessary investment for working from home but definitely encouraged to promote efficiency. ” – Stephen, Associate Director, Atlanta

Lucas Dejeux“I suggest taking any O365 training courses in order to get to know the possibilities of these tools as well as possible. They are extremely powerful and can make work easier, not more complicated.” – Lucas, Consultant, FranceMiriam Carey

“I keep my office like an office – I even purchased the same monitor I use at work for my home office to maintain consistency!” – Miriam, Manager, ChicagoGrace Hinton

“Use video functionality as much as possible!” – Grace, Senior Manager, San Francisco

Other Tips & Tricks

Leila Adam

“As we work on projects remotely, it is important to send very detailed emails and not hesitate to call the client to quickly resolve any misunderstandings or to make sure you are on the same page.” – Leila, Consultant, France


Nicole Kirk“I’ve found that jumping on the phone to have an impromptu discussion with a team member or client, just like you would if you were walking the halls of the office, helps keep the lines of communication open.” – Nicole, Managing Director, San Francisco

Louise Maxwell“I try to always have music playing in the background when I work from home so I can hear more than just the ticking clock.” – Louise, Human Resources, Australia


Cait Kelly“I try to meal prep as usual so that I minimize preparation time for meals during the day. With that said, I still ensure I schedule time to take true breaks – not the bite and type kind. When you work from home, it’s your responsibility to not let yourself burn out and breaks are key!” – Cait, Manager, Philadelphia

Nuvin Goonmeter“ I ensure that both my phone and laptops notifications are both in non-silent mode in order to not miss any messages and collaborative access.” – Nuvin, Managing Director, France


Will Shuman“Don’t only work, seriously. Often times, I hear people feel guilty for going on a 5-minute walk, making a coffee, or stepping away from their computer to eat lunch. Make sure you are staying energized to allow for smarter working habits.” – Will, Associate Director, Atlanta

Elaine Poucher“Get dressed in the morning so you can be presentable on video and feel good. Get outside too. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you are chained to the table. Lastly, use all teams functionality — including whiteboard!” – Elaine, Director, San Francisco

At Protiviti, we are a global, mobile, flexible and dedicated workforce. While navigating the challenges presented daily by the developing COVID-19 pandemic, our teams are working from home to prevent the spread of infection and minimize risk to our broader communities.

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