Talking Fitness & Well-Being with the Protiviti Team

During the month of August, Protiviti’s Well-Being initiative has been ‘Talking Fitness’ in a campaign that focuses on the benefits of breaking a sweat. Throughout this month, we’ve discussed various themes around exercise including, but not limited to, different types of fitness, the benefits, technology that makes working out easier, and how to get fit on a budget!

To better understand what some of our people are doing to incorporate fitness into their daily routines, we thought we’d check in with a few!

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Misty – Senior Director, Finance & Operations

Misty Eckhart 2 - End of the 100 miles
Misty (left)

What does ‘well-being’ mean to you? “Well-being is being physically, mentally and emotionally strong – being able to handle everyday pressures with grace, a sense of purpose, and all around just trying to give and get the best out of myself.”

What is it about fitness that you love and that keeps you going? “I have found that when I feel physically and mentally strong, my ability to make a difference to those around me is much stronger.  My dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2006 with a very poor prognosis.  We were fortunate to have The Ohio State University James Cancer Center where he spent six years getting incredible care and new, innovative treatment options due to their research programs.   The James gave him time — and more importantly, hope and courage — to live those six years as the best years of his life.   Unfortunately, he succumbed to his cancer and passed away in 2012 – and I was left feeling helpless and searching for hope.  Not long after his passing, I learned of Pelotonia, which is the very large annual bicycle ride that raises funds for ground-breaking research for The James Cancer Center.  I hadn’t ridden a bike in 20+ years but I knew immediately this was something I wanted to be part of – even though the thought terrified me! So, I signed up for the 25-mile ride in 2015, bought a bicycle, and started training.   That first ride was something unlike anything I’ve ever seen – what seems like the entire Columbus community comes out to cheer on and support the 7,500+ riders that participate in this weekend event.   Once I realized I could do the 25-mile ride, I signed up for the 50-mile the next year, the 75-mile the year after and this year, I was able to tackle the 100-mile route. Because I am so inspired by all of those around me in this event and this community, it has pushed me to work harder and makes me want to continue to push to do more. At 42 years old, I feel better physically and mentally than I have in my entire life and it makes SUCH a huge difference to my overall well-being.”


How has your Protiviti family supported your fitness goals? “Everyone is so supportive and encouraging of my training and efforts, including both cheering me on and financially contributing to the fundraising rides.    I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the support and excitement from our Protiviti family.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer in regard to fitness? “If you don’t think you can do it, you can.  Start small, be consistent and just keep adding on – and if you find a cause that speaks to your heart – it makes it that much easier.”

Gabbie – Experienced Senior Consultant, IT Audit (New York)

Gabbie - Argentina 1
Gabbie hiking in Argentina

What does ‘well-being’ mean to you? “Well-being is making sure both the body and mind are healthy and in sync. If my body feels strong but my mindset isn’t in the right place (or vice versa), I know that I need a reset and to focus on re-aligning myself. This affects all aspects of life; professional and personal, so it’s really important to take the time to focus on well-being. Hiking has become one of my favorite activities, because it allows me to focus on both my physical and mental fitness at the same time.”

What is it about fitness that you love and that keeps you going? “Staying fit both mentally and physically allows you to run on all cylinders and perform at your highest potential. I like the idea that you can keep raising that bar for yourself through fitness. I also love the social aspect of fitness. Fitness, in general, is a great way to develop and maintain relationships. I’ve met so many cool people by joining basketball leagues, or even just going to the park to play pickup!”

Gabbie Banff 2
Gabbie hiking Banff National Park in Canada

How has your Protiviti family supported your fitness goals? “Since I started at Protiviti 3 years ago, fitness has been a staple in my career. I love participating in the “Go Pink to Win Green” event every Fall where our New York office creates teams and we track our activity to compete for the most points. I also really enjoy playing intramurals with the office when I can, especially volleyball. Some of my favorite memories have been when we had “open gyms” and played basketball for hours with my colleagues. Additionally, I almost always use my choice-time-off (CTO) to go on trips where hiking or outdoor activities are central to the itinerary.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer in regard to fitness? “Try everything, but don’t force yourself into activities that you know you don’t like. If you limit yourself to one type of fitness activity, you might not know what’s out there that you will enjoy a lot more. If you’re not having fun while working on your fitness goals, stop and try something new.”

Ray – Associate Director, Technology Strategy (Houston)

What does ‘well-being’ mean to you? “I consider well-being to be participating in activities and interests that bring you happiness and create a strong sense of self.  For me, this means finding balance across the various activities that I involve myself in.  We all work hard in our day-to-day jobs, but this focus, discipline, and passion should also be applied to our extracurricular activities.”

Ray Inn 4 MS 150
Ray (2nd from right) and some of his colleagues from the Protiviti office during the MS 150

What is it about fitness that you love and that keeps you going? “ The main aspect I love about fitness is that it challenges me both mentally and physically.  Being active is a great stress reliever and often times helps me reset when work and/or my personal life gets busy.  It’s also a great teacher in overcoming adversity.  Whether I’m in the gym, playing a sport, training, etc., there are always opportunities to quit because I’m tired, I’m sore, it’s too hot, or because I don’t think I have the strength to complete the next set.  Overcoming these thoughts and completing the task is very rewarding and proves that we can often exceed what our body or mind is telling us.  At the same time, failing to achieve the desired goal is also OK and provides the motivation to continue towards that goal.”

How has your Protiviti family supported your fitness goals? “Protiviti offers so many opportunities to help us achieve our fitness goals.  As part of our ‘Best People & Culture’ teams, the Houston office has an iWalk/iRun team. This team identifies running events across the city to participate in and these are great for building relationships — plus the proceeds go to a charitable organization.  In 2015, we decided to expand the events which allowed me to participate in my first sprint triathlon.  Completing a triathlon is one of my bucket list goals and participating in this event through the iWalk/iRun team helped me towards that goal.

Another big event the Houston office participates in is the BP MS 150.  This is a bike ride from Houston to Austin and benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This event is one of the largest MS bike rides often bringing in 9,000 – 10,000 riders.  The Houston office has participated in this event for 15+ years and is open to both Protiviti employees, friends, and family.  I have been lucky enough to be the captain of the team for the past 3 years, and it is one of my favorite activities of the year.  In 2019, our team of 29 riders raised over $51,000 which will help the Society fund research and financially support those inflicted with MS. “

Ray Inn 2
“Mid-cycle selfie or it didn’t happen” – Fitness Gurus everywhere

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer in regard to fitness? “Find things that are fun, that interest you, and that challenge you. This will keep you continuously engaged.  Additionally, aim for small, incremental goals as you work towards your fitness goals.  As you continue to achieve your goals, you can reset and expand on the next goal continuing to build your fitness level.”

Protiviti is truly invested in the well-being of our employees. Each of our quarterly campaigns focuses on a different topic spanning emotional, physical and financial well-being. The goal of these campaigns is to bring awareness to the benefits that we have in place and promote healthy (pun intended!) discussion.


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