Last month our Houston office completed their 15th year as Team Protiviti in the 2017 BP MS 150 Bike Tour.

The twenty-six riders combined raised over $37,000, beating their initial goal of $30,000.  We even had 1 Protiviti team member and 1 Protiviti alumni, join 298 other individuals in the Club 300, which is comprised of the event’s top 300 fundraisers.  This is an amazing accomplishment and huge honor to be a member of Club 300 and we are very proud to have 2 of our own listed.

Now, onto the ride! Below Senior Manager Ray Inn shares his perspective on the two-day ride from Houston to Austin.

Saturday – Houston to La Grange

Members of Team Protiviti waiting to start the ride – Day 1

Saturday morning came early as alarm clocks started ringing around 4:30 AM and we made our way to the designated starting point. Around 6:45 AM we began our journey towards La Grange. We enjoyed an overcast sky and a nice tailwind for the first 20 miles; however, the wind turned into a headwind/crosswind as we made our way to the Protiviti lunch stop in Industry, TX.

Team Protiviti at the Industry, TX lunch stop.

At the lunch stop, we enjoyed burgers, cold drinks, chips, cookies, great company, and a much needed break from the ride provided by other Protiviti team members.

After lunch, we started the final 30 miles towards La Grange.  By now, the sun was starting to come out, the temperature was rising, the wind was starting to pick up, and hills were starting to take their toll. However, we stayed determined and arrived in La Grange where we enjoyed massages, snacks, and some cold drinks as we chatted about the day’s events.  After a quick shower in the luxurious mobile shower trucks, and a carb-loaded fajita dinner it was time to get some sleep and prepare for day 2.

Sunday – La Grange to Austin

As we slept, a cold front blew through the area bringing with it light rain and temperatures in the 50’s.  The rain delayed the start of the ride by an hour, but this gave us more time to eat breakfast, pack-up, and dry off our bikes.

A few members of Team Protiviti getting ready to start day 2!

The team exited La Grange around 8:45 AM to sunny skies and a mild headwind.  The wind continued to grow stronger as the team made its way to the Bastrop lunch stop.

Protiviti volunteers at the Bastop lunch stop

We were met by fellow Protiviti teammates with sandwiches, cold drinks, and the best venison sausage this side of the Mississippi.  After lunch, we started the final leg towards Austin where we faced a relentless headwind the rest of the afternoon.

The wind proved to be a strong mental and physical challenge; however, it also provided a strong sense of accomplishment as every rider made it down Martin Luther King Blvd, turned left on Congress Ave, and crossed the Finish Line with the State Capitol building coming more into view with every pedal turn.

Team Protiviti after accomplishing their incredible goal of a 150+ mile bike ride.

The finish line is truly an awesome experience! For the veteran riders, it was another bike tour accomplished. For the rookies, we hope it was the first of many more rides.

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