10 Tips You Need to Become a Leader in Your Career

* Today’s post is provided by guest blogger, Frank Kurre, Global Account Management Leader and Managing Director in Protiviti’s New York Office.  Frank brings to Protiviti more than 35 years of experience providing consulting solutions in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance and internal audit. His areas of expertise include board governance, leadership development, enterprise risk management, budget reviews, treasury consulting, financial reporting, internal audit evaluations, fund-raising development, forensic auditing, and strategic planning. *

Frank L Kurre

Over the past several years, three of my four children have graduated from college.  Throughout this time, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor them and many of their friends as they commenced their careers. Recently, I began sharing this information with a larger audience through LinkedIn. I hope as you navigate your career, you’ll find these tips to be helpful to you.

10 Tips to Becoming a Great Leader

# 1 – Care more about those that you lead than yourself!

# 2 – Great leaders build and maintain a culture of trust at all times. Demonstrate a strong work ethic, good judgment, and provide consistent results.

# 3 – Build a positive and effective environment of accountability.

# 4 – Be transparent. Honesty and integrity are important attributes of a great leader. Providing honest, timely and truthful messaging builds confidence with those you are working with.

# 5 – Be fearless in making bold decisions, especially when circumstances require changes in direction or leadership.

# 6 – Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is often times the first step to success!

# 7 – Exhibit integrity. Always do the right thing even if you feel that it hurts you in the short term.

# 8 – Always put principles before personal gain! Those that compromise their values ultimately fail.

# 9 – Loyalty is a two way street. Leaders need to be loyal to their employees if they expect loyalty back

#10 – Seek opportunities to develop and look for work that takes you outside of your comfort zone. Remember, your career is a marathon not a sprint.

Frank Kurre 1
Frank (2nd from right) and his family!


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