Protiviti’s ‘Tiv Awards Celebrate How the #ProtivitiIntern Class Lives Our Values

Each summer, we roll out the red carpet for what we consider to be the event of the summer…The ‘Tiv Awards! The ‘Tiv Awards, which take place at the end of The Intern Challenge, our week-long  intern training, were created as a way to honor individuals who demonstrate Protiviti’s core values in unique and exciting ways. This year, the competition was fierce with a class of 230+ interns who are truly exceptional.

Each ‘Tiv Award Winner earned this priceless possession!

Throughout the evening, thirteen individuals received recognition for awards such as ‘Most Likely to Be the Next Executive Team Member’, which was presented by Executive Team Member Cory Gunderson, to ‘Integrity Leader’ and more!

List of ‘Tiv Award Winners

Integrity Leader – This intern conducts themselves with poise and transparency. They lead by example by elevating others to also possess qualities of the highest standards including a strong sense of ethics and morale.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Gabriella, Atlanta

Inclusion Impactor – This intern uses their voice to empower others and to cultivate an environment that is both diverse and inclusive of all. The person helps to remove barriers and build a culture of togetherness.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Samira, Atlanta

Samira, left, winner of Inclusion Impactor ‘Tiv Award

Innovation Ideator – This recognizes an intern who is an accelerator of ideas, fosters creativity and works collaboratively. This dynamic leader brings forth unique ideas with an open mind and challenges simple solutions.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Claire, Chicago

Most Likely to be the Next Executive Team Member – This intern lives something different. They are already showing their great qualities and understanding of Protiviti’s culture and are on their way to a successful career.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Val, New York City

*hear more from Val here*

Just your #ProtivitiIntern strutting down the ‘Tiv Awards red carpet with paparazzi nearby

Best Business Casual – This intern dresses the part and exudes professionalism and class in their daily attire.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Trevin, Dallas

Trevin in his Best Business Casual

Class Clown – This intern is there for us when we need a good laugh! Bringing light-hearted and appropriate humor with them to each situation, they are sure to be a hit with building client relations.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Austin, Los Angeles

Nicole & Austin
‘Tiv Award Winners Austin (Class Clown), right, & Nicole (Celebrity Look-A-Like), left

Most Likely to Have Their Hot Air Balloon Picture Go Viral – This intern knows a thing or two about social media and absolutely loves the camera. We know we can count on this person to use the #ProtivitiIntern hashtag to the fullest.

‘Tiv Award Winner: Ari, Charlotte

We also had 3 winners for write-in awards, as nominated by their peers: “Celebrity Look-A-Like” (Nicole, Los Angeles), “Office Dad” (Jerry, Dallas), “The Promise Sisters” (Anika & Marnie, Chicago), and “Best Voice” (Erik, Minneapolis).

Promise Sisters
“The Promise Sisters” Anika & Marnie

It’s safe to say the 8th Annual ‘Tiv Awards Show was one for the books! But, at the end of the day, all we want is for our people to embrace Protiviti values and continue to define who we are as an organization. With our employees guiding our journey, it’s important to us that they understand their impact starts on day one, and as they embrace the journey, we will be there to support them. #ProtivitiIntern

To hear how our interns define leadership, be sure to read more here!


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