As the Second Annual Women in Leadership event commenced in Denver, so did the rain. But then again, such is the weather in Denver. One minute it rains, and the next the sun is shining once more.


As we waited for the sun to reemerge, organizers kept busy, preparing gift bags, names tags and last minute checks before the guests arrived.Friends, co-workers, clients and new faces; all came in one-by-one. As greetings were exchanged, you could feel the excitement and curiosity in the air.


Our Moderator, Denver Associate Director Leanne, kicked off the event with introductions and an open invitation to the guests to feel free to participate with questions and comments throughout the event. This year’s event panelists included Pamela Glick, the Chief Executive Officer for SynchHR, Katie Scherping, Chief Financial Officer for National CineMedia, Serene Smith, Senior Vice President of Financial Planning & Business Analytics at RE/MAX and Protiviti’s own Managing Director and Executive Team Member, Susan Haseley.

From left to right: Leanne Duran, Serene Smith, Katie Scherping, Pamela Glick, Susan Haseley

Topics addressed included work-life integration, having the right support group and setting priorities. Even a few inspirational books were mentioned!

To shake things up a bit, lightning round questions between topics helped us get to know our panelists. Questions such as “If you described your day with a traffic sign, what would it be?” with the responses “Moose Crossing” brought laughter from both the audience and the panelists themselves.

Protiviti Consultant Brooke was impressed that each Panelist embraced the strengths of being a women. Brooke said, “No comments were made about what changes should one make to be successful; it was all about focusing on the inherent strengths of women and what additional/unique value women in leadership bring to the table.” She continued by saying  “It was very empowering. My overall takeaway was to get outside my comfort zone, embrace my strengths, and communicate what I want from my career.”

As I listened and took notes, one constant thought stood out: To succeed, one must have a personal plan, set the right priorities, and have an open communication with family, as well as Management, related to what one wants to achieve.

As the event came to an end, the panelists took the opportunity to turn the tables on our moderator and asked her a few lighting-round questions. After the event, guests and panelists had the opportunity to mingle, relax and enjoy further discussions over drinks and appetizers.

All in all, the Second Annual Denver Women in Leadership event was a great success. I look forward to seeing what our third year will bring.

— Raluca Oniu
Denver Senior Consultant

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