This morning I was reading a blog post from Fistful of Talent. The author of this article, Kelly Dingee, shared her 7 pieces of advice for a college graduate. With so many of you graduating and getting ready to join us full time, I wanted to pass along her words of wisdom.

Kelly’s 7 Pieces of Advice on Your Graduation:

  1. Pay yourself first. Create a 401k account as fast as you can and always, always contribute the max. Never borrow from it, not ever.  Look for employers who provide a match.
  2. Health is everything. Take care of yourself.
  3. Do good. All of us have a charity that means something to us. Give them your time. When you’re old, you can give them your money.
  4. Getting married? Learn to live on one income and bank the other.
  5. See the world.  Get some perspective.
  6. Persevere with your job search. No one expects you to land your dream job immediately. Pay your dues and do the work. It will take time, eventually, you will be where you want to be.
  7. Culture is king. You absolutely want a job that you enjoy, and that pays well. But if you don’t respect the company, like the people and want to get up every day to do your best for the good of the company, you’re in the wrong place.

As I was reading these, I smiled thinking about how Protiviti has helped me check so many of these boxes. I have volunteered, traveled, built an exciting and meaningful career, and made some incredible friendships all while working at Protiviti.

As you take a couple months off to celebrate this hard earned achievement, I’d like to add a personal piece of advice to Kelly’s list: Live in the now. It’s so easy to day dream about the next chapters of our lives. Whether it’s buying a home, getting married, starting our jobs or counting down the days until the holiday season – you can get lost in wishing for the next chapter.  You only get each moment once, so live in the now and enjoy!

Congratulations on ALL of your hard work. We can’t wait to start working with you in just a few short months!

Graduating College to Present Day



— Elizabeth Bullard
Campus Recruiting Specialist

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