Here at Protiviti, we like to think of ourselves as a team.  We work together to execute against a game plan, we challenge one another to bring our very best to the work that we do, and we celebrate our collective success.

Each year, Protiviti spends a lot of time and effort to bring in the best new recruits from colleges and universities across the country.  The moment that a recruit accepts an offer with his or her future employer is an exciting one — as exciting, say, as it is for a star athlete to sign with the next championship team.  That’s why we initiated a campaign this fall to celebrate all of the students who are #GoingPRO and starting their professional careers with us after they graduate.

But #GoingPRO is more than just a fun way to celebrate the moment that a candidate says “YES!” to a job offer.  In #GoingPRO, our recruits are signing up for what we believe to be a unique career experience.  Because people who go Pro will make a difference, starting on day one.  They will build meaningful relationships with people who inspire them inside and outside of the office.  They will solve critical business problems for our clients, working side by side with experts from diverse backgrounds.  They will impact our communities by mentoring, nurturing, and giving back.  They will have long days, tough projects, tight deadlines, and unexpected obstacles, because that is all part of the job.  But like athletes who love a sport, they will remain committed to the promises that we make to our clients and to one another, and they will grow as a result of those experiences into professionals — and people — who are truly exceptional.

These are all the things we think about when see our campus recruits #GoingPRO and it makes us confident about our future.  Are you #GoingPRO?  We encourage you to share with us what #GoingPRO means to you!



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