Synchronicity of Color
Protiviti perspective by Brandon, Houston

At Protiviti we are proud that our President & CEO leads by example, which we were yet again reminded of yesterday when Joe sent the below note to all global employees.  We pass this communication on to readers of this blog with the hope that its spirit and messages will resonate in our broader community.

We understand that the recent U.S. presidential election has led to some uncertainty around the impact the outcome may have on our personal values and those of our friends, family and colleagues around the world. We have all heard the strong and often divisive opinions singling out groups of people based on where they are from, what they look like, their religion and various characteristics.

I want to assure you that Protiviti has always and will always be a place where everyone belongs and individuality is celebrated. Our Promise to Our People: A Global, Collaborative & Diverse Workplace, and all of our Promises and Values, are foundational to who we are at Protiviti and who we want to be.

We take great pride that you can always be yourself at Protiviti. Differing ideas, backgrounds and experiences are not only welcomed, but encouraged. These are attributes we deeply value and strive to protect. Diversity is essential to making Protiviti a best place to work and to cultivate innovation so we can navigate the future with confidence. And, thanks to the unique perspectives you collectively bring to the firm every day, our future remains very bright.



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