At Protiviti, everyone has the potential to be a champion.  A champion is an employee who serves as a role model or advocate for an initiative within the organization.  Through our champions, we have been able to strengthen our connections to one another, to work more effectively, build a better culture and do work that is meaningful.  Our champions are part of the reason Protiviti is truly a great place to work.

Being a champion is a source of pride for our people, and it is a clear way to have an impact.  Take Domonique as an example.

Protiviti Champions Spotlight: Domonique

Domonique is a Senior Manager in our Atlanta office
Domonique is a Senior Manager in our Atlanta office
  • Years at Protiviti – “4.5 years”
  • Path to Protiviti– “I was hired as an experienced senior in Internal Audit Financial Advisory (IAFA) on the process side.  I have since changed to the technology side of IAFA but I still enjoy working on both sides of the spectrum. Prior to Protiviti, I worked in Internal Audit at a manufacturing organization and Financial Operations at KPMG. I graduated from Georgia Southern University. Go Eagles!”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus – “I am in IAFA Technology. I do not focus on a specific industry.”
  • What is your role as a champion?– “One of my champion roles is being the Diversity Recruiting Lead for campus recruiting at University of Georgia.  I co-lead this effort with Senior Consultant, Christen.”
  • Why is that role important to you? Protiviti?– “The purpose of our company’s focus on diversity recruiting is to ensure we select from the best candidates regardless of race, gender, etc. As part of diversity recruiting, we make a point to target diverse groups on campus which focus on majors we hire at Protiviti and present information to them about our company, our solutions, job opportunities and really what it means to be a consultant – a concept which remains a bit foreign to most students!  We have historically spoken to groups including National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), Society of Women in Technology (SWT), and Women in Business (WIB).  The presentations are often very enlightening to some students who do not really understand their options or know there are alternatives to Big 4. With the Women in Business organization, specifically, we have combined our initiatives for diversity recruiting with our women’s initiative and developed a mentoring program. The mentors give guidance on interviewing, resume tips, their majors, and career opportunities. We plan events  to meet in person once per quarter and they also correspond via phone and email. Ultimately, we have hired several of the members of WIB group.”
  • What is one meaningful moment you have experienced as a champion? – “I met with my WIB mentee earlier this week. She was REALLY struggling with deciding between two very different full time offers she received.  Based on the experiences she described at both companies, her short and long term interests, and the experiences I’ve had in my career path, I was able to help her talk through her decision.  I loved being able to help her because I remember what it was like to be completely lost coming out of college!”
  • What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your role as a champion?– “My hope is that our diversity recruiting efforts will help to continue increasing the caliber of candidates, regardless of their background.”
From coaching her 4 year old son, David, on his soccer team. To Teaming up with consultants, like Jena on Habitat for Humanity, we are convinced that Domonique really can do it all!
From coaching her 4 year old son, David, on his soccer team (top) to teaming up with consultants like Jena on Habitat for Humanity (bottom), we are convinced that Domonique really can do it all!

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  1. You are STANDING TALL! Keep up the GOOD WORK, Dominique! Hats off to you Dionne in your mother role!👍👊🙏

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