As a professional in the fast-paced environment of professional services, it is important to find ways to connect on a regular basis.  Each quarter, Protiviti offices host a series of office-wide meetings. In our New York office we call it our “All Hands Meeting.” This is an opportunity for all of our people to get together to celebrate accomplishments, discuss the happenings in the office, and to reflect on the future of the company. Being consultants, most of us are not in the actual office on a daily basis, so this meeting is a great way for all of us to come together and catch up.

The New York office’s most recent All Hands meeting took place on February 18th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.  As always, this meeting was filled with a lot of information, ample amounts of entertainment, and some surprises. The New York office Managing Director, Carol Raimo, started off the meeting with some financial updates as well as some forecasting for how and where the firm is going to grow in 2016. In between updates, “AwesomeSauce” awards were given out to those who have gone above and beyond their daily work to do something worth recognition.

Next, we had a champagne toast for all to celebrate all of the promotions in the New York office. From Consultant to Managing Director, individuals who were promoted this past January were recognized for their achievements. Then, we were surprised by a special presentation of the classic game show Family Feud. However, this was no ordinary game of family feud. All of the questions were focused around our organizational strategy.  Each of the teams did an excellent job remembering our core values and reminding us of the importance of delivering excellence to our clients.

Team ERP singing karaoke as part of the event's entertainment.
ERP Team singing karaoke as part of the event’s entertainment.

Shortly after that game, the meeting began to wrap up with some updates from campus recruiting, experienced hire recruiting, and resource management. Finally the iServe team spoke.  Our iServe team handles office wide community service, sports and office activities. They recapped some of our recent activities, such as our Adopt-A-Family toy drive, Super Bowl pool, ski trip, and holiday soiree.  Lastly, iCertify, iParticipate, and iAchieve awards were given out to those who went above and beyond in their work and office activities. As you can see, Protiviti likes to recognize its people for their achievements!

Overall, the All Hands Meetings is a great way to network with colleagues and celebrate goings-on around the office. And the happy hour that takes place afterwards is another way to keep the fun going!

Asif S, Ben F, Roshi K, Colleen C at the Hard Rock Cafe after the All Hands Meeting.
Associate Director Asif S, Operations Coordinator Ben F, Senior Consultant Roshi K, and Senior Consultant Colleen C at the Hard Rock Cafe after the All Hands Meeting.

Have a good week everyone!


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