This past weekend, Protiviti had the pleasure of attending the Beta Alpha Psi Western Regional Conference in San Jose, California. The conference was themed around “Unleashing Our Potential” and included leadership meetings, networking sessions, breakout presentations and a lot of great discussions.

As a Beta Alpha Psi Professional Partner, we had the opportunity to present in one of the breakout sessions. A team from our Bay Area spoke to the group on the future of IT Audit.  The presentation also had a few of us in the audience reflecting on the good times of internet dial-up and the size of the first computer.

Pictured above is Senior Consultant Paul, Senior HR Specialist Kiristen, and Senior Manager Adnan after IT Audit Presentation.
Cj with intern
Ryan (pictured above) with Casey Jo, interned with Protiviti over summer 2015 and will be starting full-time with Protiviti in the Fall.

All in all, the weekend was filled with some pretty great memories. However, no moment was better than Casey Jo running into former Protiviti intern Ryan from UC-Irvine! You just never know where a #ProtivitiIntern will be!


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