The New York Office has embarked on a ski trip every winter for the past few years. This year 42 Protiviti employees along with a few family members and friends, departed for Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, Massachusetts bright and early on Saturday, February 20th. With a three hour bus ride ahead, some were able catch up on some sleep while others shared some laughs, eagerly awaiting the day ahead.

Of the 42 skiers and snowboarders, some were beginners, and some were near experts diving right into the “difficult” slopes and the terrain park. It was a trip – between the group lunch, the perfect weather, and the new memories created with co-workers, everyone après-ski-ated the quality time spent together and looks forward to the truly lifting experience for the year to come. ski

As told by Amreen, a new Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Technology consultant who joined the firm in January of 2016:  “When I took a step after putting on my heavy ski boots, I thought to myself – what did I get myself into? As it was my first time skiing, I took the beginners course. Learning how to ski with the instructor, Geoffrey, was nerve-racking yet fun. After going through basics, the instructor tells us to slide down to where he was standing. Well, it seemed easy enough – if little kids can do it, so can I, I thought to myself. As soon as I began to slide down towards him, I found myself laying in snow watching kids as little as ages 4 and 5 zip by me, as I lay in the snow trying to figure out how I fell down in the first place. Falling down wasn’t a big deal however, getting up is a whole another skill. A skill that which I learned quickly as I took couple hard falls early on. In the end, it was a great experience bonding with co-workers, and learning a new skill. Hopefully, next year I won’t fall down as much.”

We have received a second account of the trip from Eden a member of our Information Technology Consulting practice, who joined Protiviti last September:  “The Protiviti Ski Trip was a warm one this year! We didn’t mind so much after we shed off a few layers. The slopes were great, the lines weren’t bad and the 3 hour bus ride to Jiminy Peak was well worth it. I brought a few friends and we challenged ourselves to the long green slopes. I think we did a pretty good job! That’s not to say I didn’t fall – I was definitely on the ground for a good amount of time but I like to think that if didn’t fall, I didn’t push myself enough. Overall, it was a fun and relaxing time with friends and coworkers. Although that’ll probably be my last winter activity of the season, I look forward to the next event!”


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