Last week Anthony and I were fortunate enough to join ~40 other Protiviti Consultants, Managers, and Directors from Protiviti’s Information Security Team in Las Vegas to attend some of the largest security conferences in the nation. I was there for seven days and attended the BSides and DEFCON Conferences, while Anthony was there for five days and attended the BSides and BlackHat Conferences.
In addition to helping recruit potential leads to fill the many open positions in Protiviti’s growing InfoSec practice (for more information about our open positions, check out, attending these conferences was also a great opportunity for us to learn more about Protiviti’s InfoSec practice and meet other members of Protiviti’s InfoSec team from offices all over the US (and even from London!).
Because I had expressed a strong interest in learning more about Protiviti’s InfoSec practice throughout my internship in Los Angeles, after speaking with my peer advisor and career advisor, I was extended an invitation. All I had to do was reach out. Anthony, who has been working in Philadelphia’s InfoSec lab at the intern level, was selected by management in his office to represent the lab in Las Vegas.
While working at Protiviti’s booth at BSides and attending various seminars throughout the week, we learned all about the InfoSec solutions that Protiviti has to offer to its clients, such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. We also learned about various emerging technologies and services while being exposed to a range of new vendors and potential Protiviti partners. It’s exciting that InfoSec is not only a growing practice within Protiviti, but also a growing industry all over the world.  
Stefano and Anthony (bottom left to right respectively) having dinner with some of the Protiviti team!
Being able to mingle with like-minded professionals from all different organizations and levels in an atmosphere like Las Vegas made for a truly amazing experience.  We both learned a ton, made some great connections, and had a blast all at the same time.
Until next time, Vegas.
– Stefano (LA Intern) & Anthony (Philadelphia Co-Op)

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