Today across our U.S. offices we bid farewell to the majority of our Summer 2014 Interns.

This summer has been packed with many memories, unforgettable moments and learning experiences that we all will reflect upon for years to come.  One of the best parts of my job is that each summer I have the opportunity to interact with the Interns and I learn more about myself each summer.  This summer was no different than the last seven summers, and I have a special place for all of the Interns across our firm.

Before the Interns turn in their building badges, and turn in their computers I asked them to share with me a few of their favorite memories from the program.


Chicago Intern, Haley:  “My favorite event was the Chicago Architecture boat tour. I had a great time networking and enjoying the view of the city on a beautiful summer day. I am going to miss being a #ProtivitiIntern.. this summer went by way too fast!”

New York Intern, Bahaa:  “One of my most entertaining events will flash us back to the #InternChallenge , where many of my fellow interns, including myself received an ever coveted #tivAwards2014, making it a great start to our internship!

Dallas Intern, Chris:  “Working hard at the Intern Day of Service.”

Atlanta Intern, Evan:  “First day of work, and first time to Disney! Can’t complain too much about the #InternChallenge Where Dreams Come True.”

Bay Area Intern, Subha:  ‘Tiv Awards were pretty awesome. Loved all the crazy photos we took!”

Are you interested in having a similar experience during the Summer 2015?  If so, please visit our website where we are beginning to take applications.

Best of luck and we hope to see you soon Summer of 2014 class!
-Casey Jo

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