Today technically marks the first day of fall, but ever since our team first set up shop at a career fair this semester, the busy season has been in full swing.  This is evidenced by the random places I might find our recruiters traveling to on a given day.  
Case in point – an exchange of whereabouts this past Wednesday:

  • Elaine and Kelly – Road tripping back from Cal Poly with the sweet sound of early nineties hip hop to guide their way 
  • Jessica– Driving through the Midwestern landscape that we love so much (see above) on her way to Indiana University 
  • Jill – Getting caught speeding and a subsequent ticket on her way from College Station to Waco… just before midnight 
  • Casey Jo– Making her inaugural visit to the great state of Ohio for a few events at Miami University, and enjoying all the trappings of the heartland, including Skyline Chili, a drive through aforementioned cornfields, and a 60-degree drop in temperature from her home state of Texas (brr!) 
  • Brennan– Checking in to let us know that she is only two flights, a layover, a rental car and a two-hour drive away from her destination: Virginia Tech

 As you can see, we would travel to the ends of the earth for top talent!  Safe travels home to all the recruiters on the road today, and have a great weekend all!

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