The Atlanta office Operations team with their famous campus hire: Christine (HR Senior Manager), Brittany (Recruiting Senior Specialist), Dave Haywood, Julie (Senior Consulant), Megan (Resource Management Senior Specialist)

At Protiviti, we pride ourselves on our creative, entrepreneurial spirit.  Usually, this creative flair is limited to the business world – but not always. 

Dave Haywood was hired as a consultant when he graduated from the University of Georgia in 2005.  A few years later, he was excelling in his role within our Technology practice in the Atlanta office.  He was also moonlighting in a band that was chasing big dreams.  The demands of his dual careers increased over time, and Dave eventually made the difficult decision to leave Corporate America and focus full-time on being a rock star.

In this case, the choice paid off.  Lady Antebellum released their self-titled debut album in 2008.  When it went platinum, Dave returned to the Atlanta office to present a platinum record dedicated to Protiviti. 

The record hangs proudly in the office, and I imagine it will be getting a polish after last night’s Grammy awards. 

We congratulate a Protiviti alumnus on his continued success in the world of rock stardom!

– Bridget

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