The Protiviti team is on campus in tropical Champaign, Illinois conducting second round interviews today at the business school (go Illini!).  After things kicked off this morning, I escaped to the break room in the career center to knock out a few emails.  Waiting for my laptop to boot up, I couldn’t help but glance around and notice the colorful notes peppered across one wall.

Upon further inspection, I realized that the notes were messages of gratitude or commendation for the amazing things that the career services staff does.  Career centers truly are the gate keepers, for students and employers alike, in connecting quality students with the employment opportunities they are most interested in and making it incredibly easy for employers to interact with their candidates.  I reflected on this as I read through the comments from students, professors, staff, and even, to my pleasant surprise, a campus recruiter…

As we go through the chaos of the campus recruiting season, we are reminded yet again of the value of career services.  When it comes to our appreciation, the writing is on the wall.

– Bridget

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