Blog hijacks seem to be all the rage…  In light of the recent “Snowmageddon” storm that delivered a healthy dose of winter misery to 26 states, Kelly has allowed another member of her local HR team to have access to our blog.  The result is a biting treatise on why the west is the best.


I thought today might be a good day to send out a little plug as to why working in the Bay Area is amazing and why I can’t wait for our future new hires to join us. With campus interviews right around the corner, if you are considering living in the Bay Area, let me tell you why that is an excellent choice.

While the rest of the country is getting pummeled by snow and below-freezing temperatures, I arrived at my office this morning and looked out the window.  This is what I saw. says our high today will be a balmy 62 degrees. Chicago – that’s pretty close to your “0, feels like negative 40” degree weather, right?  While you will often hear me say that my Colorado roots make me miss cold weather, I didn’t have to shovel myself out of my driveway this morning, put on a coat that is down to my ankles, or have frozen nose hairs. Today I simply tossed on a light jacket and sunglasses and strolled to work. I feel pretty fortunate to live in a city like San Francisco and have a view like this to look at every day.

I suppose there are some benefits to living elsewhere, in the end.  For example, we never have snow days…

– Alex


(Thanks, Alex, for alienating the majority of our target student population, which is currently frozen through and covered in snow).

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