For many, the wonder of March Madness culminates in tomorrow’s Final Four games. There’s still enough variety of teams to keep all of us interested, and another round in the tournament to look forward to. For fans of the underdog, there’s still an element of surprise as to who will make it to that championship game. For bandwagon types, there is still time to get acquainted with a team and feel like you helped them get to the finals. And finally, most of our brackets are sufficiently annihilated by now so as to abandon all previous inclinations and follow a team simply for the love of the game.

In the many unlikely comparisons that I have made to the great sport of campus recruiting, this one is a slam dunk. The thrill of March Madness is the idea that all of the participating teams have the same opportunity to achieve greatness. As a campus recruit, I advise you to view the job search with this same kind of excitement, casting a wide net with the employers that interest you and then narrowing them down until you have come up with a clear victor. And if the tournament teaches us anything, it is the importance of being open-minded with your options, as it is rarely the obvious choice that makes it through the process unscathed.

– Bridget

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