Heather, Clint, Darren, and Anthony from the Bay Area Protiviti offices

As the days get longer and the sun gets stronger, our consultants in the Bay area took some time to enjoy the best that winter has to offer.  Here is their report, straight from the slopes!

To Tahoe and Back Down

Last weekend, the Bay Area Protiviti offices made the trip to South Lake Tahoe to close out this year’s winter ski season!

The Protiviti Ski / Snowboard Weekend in Lake Tahoe, CA has been a tradition for the Bay Area offices over the past four years.  For those who identify with winter sports, you would definitely recognize Heavenly Ski Resort as one of the premier ski destinations. The resort is located on the California / Nevada border and has some of the best views around. You can’t beat the wide open ski trails, terrain park, and back mountain tree runs.

Despite the different opinions to who has the fastest run, who caught the most air, or who had the best wipe out, I’m sure everyone would agree that spending time off the clock with fellow coworkers was by far the best part of the weekend. Participating in Protiviti events, both formal and informal, is one of the best ways to further develop your relationships with not only those that you interact with on a daily basis but also those that you are unable to connect with as often, given client commitments.

Thanks again to all those who participated! See you next year!

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