With all the wild winter weather going on lately, I get a bit nostalgic about college (what’s new) and decided to make a point about snow days. Blizzards, snow plows, and school cancellations bring me back to some special moments… cue the flashback.

It was one January, back in the 2000s, during the first week of the spring semester. We had all returned from the glow of the holiday break and resigned ourselves to a new round of textbooks, study groups, and syllabii. Then, an unexpected thing occurred… More than a few inches of snow fell in Baltimore, and the city – and campus – shut down for a week.

For a few glorious days, we were left to our own devices. Back together in the dorms, no papers or tests yet assigned, nowhere to go even if we were able to… For that week, the pace of campus life came to a halt, and we made the most of the time off. Some of my fondest memories are from that week, and other moments of downtime amidst the chaos of the college experience.

By now, especially after the last few weeks, many of you will have similar stories that you will retell long after the snow has melted. And while this may not seem like relevant advice from a campus recruiter, especially one who is known to focus more on interview technique, resume bullets, and the art of the introduction, I’ll still make my point… Take surprises like snow days for the magic that they are – a chance to stop time.

– Bridget

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