Protiviti does not have an official opinion on the outcome of Super Bowl XLIV (ahem, Go Saints). However, we do see an opportunity to draw some parallels to the world of campus recruiting. Not only is the excitement of the game all around us as we travel to and from our core schools (for example, as demonstrated below, the airline counter in New Orleans when Casey Jo flew back from LSU) – but appreciation of The Best is what the campus recruiting process is all about.

As employers, we put our best foot forward and work to make the best of our company stand out to recruits. We look for the best fit for an open position, and we try our best to make a meaningful connection with top candidates. We are rooting for our team, of course, and we are looking for the most compatible free agents to reinforce the corporate culture and practice that we have created.

The Super Bowl is all about celebrating champions. These teams and players have used their struggles to propel them to new levels of excellence. If you think about your college experience, the trials and tribulations, the successes, and the lessons learned from failures, you can start to think like a champion recruit. If you train yourself, you can keep that mentality throughout the campus recruiting season. And, you can do all this without the naysayers in Vegas betting against your victory.

Here’s to all of our champion students, as we cheer, clap, and perhaps even curse this Sunday, witnessing the satisfaction of a goal achieved.

– Bridget

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